Imprint/Provider Identification
The following provides mandatory data concerning the provider of this website, obligations with regard to data protection, as well as other important legal references involving the Internet site of the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry ( as required by German law.

The provider of this Internet site within the legal meaning of the term is the registered association Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science e.V..

Max-Planck-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wissenschaften e.V.
Hofgartenstrasse 8
80539 München
Telephone: +49 (89) 2108-0

Register of Societies and Associations
The Max Planck Society is registered in the Official Register of Societies and Associations at Berlin-Charlottenburg Local Court under the register number VR 13378 B.

The Max Planck Society is legally represented by its Board of Directors which, in turn, is represented by the President of the Society, Prof. Dr. Martin Stratmann and by the Secretary General Dr. Ludwig Kronthaler.

Value Added Tax Identification Number
The value added tax identification number of the Max Planck Society is DE 129517720.

The editor responsible for the contents of the website of the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry with regard to media law:
Dr. Christiane Menzfeld
Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry
Am Klopferspitz 18
82152 Martinsried

Editors for further websites

Responsible editors for the contents of the websites of the different departments, groups and facilities of the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry with regard to media law:

  1. Department Molecular Structural Biology
    Inga Wolf
  2. Department Structural Cell Biology
    Fabien Bonneau
  3. Department Molecular Medicine
    Armin Lambacher
  4. Department Cellular Biochemistry
    Evelin Frey-Royston
  5. Department Molecular Cell Biology
    Stefan Jentsch
  6. Department Proteomics and Signal Transduction
    Mario Oroshi
  7. Department Cellular and Molecular Biophysics
    Petra Schwille
  8. Department Molecular Biology
    Axel Ullrich
  9. Research Group Molecular Mechanism of DNA Repair
    Christian Biertümpfel
  10. Research Group Molecular Basis of Protein Trafficking
    Julia von Blume
  11. Research Group Modeling of Protein Complexes
    Friedrich Förster
  12. Research Group Membrane and Neurophysics
    Peter Fromherz
  13. Research Group Cell Dynamics
    Mary Ecke
  14. Research Group Molecular Mechanotransduction
    Carsten Grashoff
  15. Research Group Chromosome Organization and Dynamics
    Stephan Gruber
  16. Research Group Computational Biology
    Bianca Habermann
  17. Research Group Chaperonin-assisted Protein Folding
    Evelin Frey-Royston
  18. Research Group Structure Research
    Monika Schneider
  19. Research Group Intraflagellar Transport
    Esben Lorentzen
  20. Research Group Cellular and Membrane Trafficking
    Naoko Mizuno
  21. Research Group Bioorganic Chemistry
    Luis Moroder
  22. Research Group Chromatin Biology
    Jürg Müller
  23. Research Group Translational Medicine
    Inaam Nakchbandi
  24. Research Group Structure and Function of Mitochondria
    Walter Neupert
  25. Research Group Membrane Biochemistry
    Friedhelm Pfeiffer
  26. Research Group DNA Replication & Genome Integrity
    Boris Pfander
  27. Research Group Innate Immunity
    Andreas Pichlmair
  28. Research Group Molecular Immunology and Signal Transduction
    Marc Schmidt-Supprian
  29. Research Group Muscle Dynamics
    Maria Spletter
  30. Research Group Maintenance of Genome Stability
    Zuzana Storchova
  31. Research Group Molecular Membrane and Organelle Biology
    Thomas Wollert
  32. Research Group Chromosome Biology
    Wolfgang Zachariae
  33. Facility Library
    Juliane Pohl
  34. Facility Biochemistry Core Facility
    Stephan Uebel
  35. Facility EU Office
    Anne Katrin Werenskiold
  36. Graduate Program
    Christoph Vahl
  37. Facility Imaging Facility
    Martin Spitaler 
  38. Facility Immunization Facility  
    Heinz Brandstetter
  39. Facility International Office
    Angelika Gordon, Renate Ebert
  40. Facility Information Retrieval Services
    Johann Bauer 
  41. Facility Crystallization Facility 
    Jerome Basquin 
  42. Facility Computing Center 
    Günther Franz
  43. Facility Animal Facility
    Heinz Brandstetter
  44. Facility Transgenic Core Facility 
    Soo Jin Min-Weißenhorn 

Technically responsible (Webmaster)
Technically responsible for the website of the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry:
Monika Krause

Legal structure
The Max Planck Society is a non-profit facility, which is organised as a registered association.. All of the institutes und facilities of the Max Planck Society are largely autonomous in terms of organisation and research, but as a rule have no legal capacity of  their own.

Foreign Language Pages
To the extent that parts of this Website are offered in languages other than German, this represents a service exclusively for staff and guests of the Max Planck Society who are not proficient in German.

Data Protection Advice

Data Collection and Processing
We wish to make our websites as appealing and comfortable for you as possible. To this end, analysis of statistical information relating to your utilisation of our websites and the collection of technical details on the web browsers and computers of our online visitors is very helpful for us. We employ the web analytics tool Piwik for these purposes, which uses Cookies and JavaScript to collect information on your computer and automatically forwards it to us (pseudonymised user data). Storing and analysis of data takes place on a central Piwik server, which is operated by the Max Planck Society. Of course, you may object to the collection of data. Objecting is very simple, it only takes one click. Further information on which data is collected and on your options to object is available in our Data Collection Declaration.
Also, the integration of external services such as Google Maps for route maps, Youtube or Amazon Cloud is always undertaken in a considerate manner and with the aim of making your visit on our websites as pleasant as possible.
We must advise you, however, that your IP address and perhaps other data related to your person will be transmitted to the service provider concerned (Google, Amazon etc.) and may be stored or analyzed there.

The data protection officer of the Max Planck Society is available for questions concerning the topic of data protection at or +49  89 2108-1317.

Personalized Services / Newsletter
Insofar as you have decided to take advantage of a personalized service or to register for a newsletter service the required personal data are stored. As a rule this includes your e-mail address, first and surname as well as other data – depending on the type of offer. Your data are used only in order to provide you with the desired offer to your satisfaction and in order to respond to any inquiries. If you no longer wish to take advantage of a personalized service, your personal data will be deleted after you cancel your registration. If you wish to cancel your subscription to a newsletter, you can either send us an e-mail, or carry out cancellation by using the respective link at the end of the newsletter.

Data Transmission
Your personal data will only be transmitted to government organizations and authorities in legally required cases and/or for prosecution in the event of attacks on our network infrastructure. Your personal data are not provided to third parties for any other purpose.

Liability for Contents of Online Information
As the provider of contents in accordance with Section 7 Paragraph 1 of the Tele-Media Law, the Max Planck Society shall be responsible for any contents which it makes available for use in accordance with general legal provisions. The Max Planck Society makes every effort to provide timely and accurate information on this Website. Nevertheless, errors and inaccuracies cannot be completely ruled out. Therefore, the Max Planck Society does not assume any liability for the relevance, accuracy, completeness or quality of the information provided. The Max Planck Society shall not be liable for damage of a tangible or intangible nature caused directly or indirectly through the use or failure to use the information offered and/or through the use of faulty or incomplete information unless it is verifiably culpable of intent or gross negligence. The same shall apply to any downloadable software available free of charge. The Max Planck Society reserves the right to modify, supplement, or delete any or all of the information offered on its Internet site, or to temporarily or permanently cease publication thereof without prior and separate notification.

Links to Websites of Third Parties
This Internet site includes links to external pages. These external links are designated as follows: . The respective provider shall be responsible for the contents of any linked external pages. In establishing the initial link, the Max Planck Society has reviewed the respective external content in order to determine whether such link entailed possible civil or criminal responsibility. However, a constant review of linked external pages is unreasonable without concrete reason to believe that a violation of the law may be involved. If the Max Planck Society determines such or it is pointed out by others that an external offer to which it is connected via a link entails civil or criminal responsibility, then the Max Planck Society will immediately eliminate any link to this offer. The Max Planck Society expressly dissociates itself from such contents.

The layout, graphics employed and any other contents on the Internet site of the Max Planck Society are protected by copyright law.
© Max-Planck-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wissenschaften e.V., Munich. All rights reserved.

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Technical Manager / Contact 
Wulf Kaiser
Senior Project Leader Internet 
IT Service Coordinator
Max-Planck-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wissenschaften e.V. 
Hofgartenstrasse 8
D-80539 Munich

Data Collection Declaration
 Data Collection Declaration

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