Students & Pupils

Students & Pupils

Thank you for your interest in the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry! Below you will find information about internships and other options to become part of the institute.


We ask students to submit their application for an internship via our LinkMax Planck Summer Intership Program if possible.

In addition to this program, additional internships for students and dissertations (Bachelor & Master) supervision are offered.

In order to optimally combine an internship at our institute with your interests, please first inform yourself about the research at the institute with the help of our website. On the websites of the departments and independent research groups you can find the group with the most interesting topic for you.

Research Departments and Research Groups of the MPIB
Are you interested in research? Have a look at our research groups and research departments and find out about the exciting research topics more

Together with the neighbouring Max Planck Institute for Biological Intelligence, the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry (MPIB) is the largest employer in Würmtal. The employees of the MPIB are active in the most diverse areas of science, but also in administration or service.

Current vacancies, if interested, are listed in our job portal:

More open vacancies can be found on our job center more


It's great to learn of the scientific interest and enthusiasm of pupils. School students who would like work in one of our laboratories, however need to be extensively safeguarded for security reasons. In general, we don't have the personnel capacity to guarantee for this. This means, regrettably, that we are not able to offer internships for pupils in our departments and groups.

Still, we consider it a pleasant duty to promote scientific interest, particularly among young people. We have thus expanded the number and scopes of classes in our students' and visitors' lab (MaxLab). Not only high school students, but also pupils from other grades are now able to work in the authentic MaxLab laboratory environment. One-day courses for high school classes, a young researcher's week in the summer holidays, or the introductory class molecular biology, are some course examples. The MaxLab also offers a one week internship for pupils in the German 9th and 10th grade. Due to organizational reasons, the time of this internship week is restricted to the time given on the MaxLab internet site.

For more information on these and other classes, please visit our MaxLab website:

Pupils experience science - The MaxLab Martinsried more

Scientists of the institutes are supported in their work by various scientific, administrative and technical service facilities. In many of these institutions, apprenticeships can be learned.

Within the framework of the vocational training, the trainees have numerous opportunities for further training and additional opportunities at their disposal. These include advanced seminars in Mathematics and English as well as exchange opportunities with other Max Planck Institutes.

For more information and detailed data please visit our training page:

Vocational Training
The Max-Planck-Institute of Biochemistry offer various training courses in different fields. During their training, the trainees have access to numerous further training opportunities and additional offers. more
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