Günther Gerisch

Günther Gerisch

Emeritus Group Cell Dynamics

Phagocytosis, Actin Dynamics, Cell Motility

The emeritus group of Günther Gerisch studies the dynamics of the actin system in cell motility, cytokinesis, and phagocytosis. Actin forms a network of filaments that supports the cell membrane. It is associated with regulatory proteins that are required for shape changes, and with motor proteins that generate force. The group works with the eukaryotic microorganism Dictyostelium discoideum as a model for establishment of multicellular organization by the relay of periodic chemotactic signals.

Our current work is focused onto cell division of multinucleate cells. By electric pulses we produce fused cells, in which many nuclei synchronously enter mitosis. more


Three stages of cell division in a Dictyostelium cell
The microtubule system is shown in green and actin in red. more
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