Karl Duderstadt

Karl Duderstadt

Research Group "Structure and Dynamics of Molecular Machines"

DNA Replication Dynamics, Structural Biology, Single-Molecule Imaging, Biophysics

The survival of all organisms depends on the successful transfer of genetic material from one generation to the next. In the cells, a large protein complex consisting of many subunits, the replisome, takes over this task. It combines the unpacking of DNA from the parental chromosomes with the synthesis of new DNA. Karl Duderstadt and his research group "Structure and Dynamics of Molecular Machines" are investigating the functional principle of the replisome. In order to ensure the efficient and error-free duplication of chromosomes, various enzymatic processes must be precisely coordinated. Duderstadt's group wants to find out how daughter strand synthesis is coordinated in detail and which molecular events can influence and disrupt it.

Chromosome replication is performed by a large multisubunit assembly, known as the replisome, which couples the unpackaging of parental DNA with the synthesis of new daughter strands.

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