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Unlike the Genome (the entirety of genes), the proteome of an organism is not the same in all cells. The protein composition can vary from cell to cell and is also depending on the time point and the respective cell type. Matthias Mann and his Research Department “Proteomics and Signal Transduction” aim to elucidate protein interactions, the reaction partners and their dynamics. [more]
The correct protein folding is crucial for their function inside the cell. However, most of the proteins can be folded in millions of ways. But only one arrangement of these long amino acid chains is correct. In his Research Department “Cellular Biochemistry” Ulrich Hartl and his team are investigating how this cellular origami works and what happens if something goes wrong. As the film illustrates, the underlying mechanisms and the structure of the involved molecules are particularly in the focus of the researchers. [more]
Matthias Mann, Director at the MPI of Biochemistry, has developed a mass spectrometric method to rapidly analyze the protein content of a cell. To this end, Mann and his team in the department “Proteomics and Signal Transduction” developed a special Electrospray procedure to separate the respective protein molecules. These developments have led to the first identification and quantification of the proteome in yeast (about 4400 proteins), which is an important model system. [more]
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