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Science Award for Max Planck Director Elena Conti

Elena Conti, Director at the MPI of Biochemistry in Martinsried receives prestigious Aminoff Prize from the Royal Swedish Academy of Science.

New method for early diagnosis of liver diseases by proteomics

A German-Danish research team led by Matthias Mann has developed a new screening method to identify alcohol-related liver diseases at an early stage through mass spectromy based proteomics. more

Deep Visual Proteomics concept and workflow

A German-Danish research team has developed the groundbreaking "Deep Visual Proteomics" technology. It provides cell-specific, protein-based information and helps to analyze cancer diseases.

For efficient packaging, DNA is placed in loops. The cohesin ring (pink) forms the basis for the loop. The protein complex MCM (yellow) limits the loop formation.

Researchers at the MPI of Biochemistry have discovered that the protein complex MCM has an unexpected influence on the three-dimensional organization of DNA.

Elena Conti and F. Ulrich Hartl

Elena Conti and F. Ulrich Hartl, directors at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry in Martinsried each receive an ERC grant worth 2.1 million euros.

Klaus Kühn (1927 - 2022)

Klaus Kühn (1927-2022)

April 19, 2022

The founding director of the MPI of Biochemistry, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Klaus Kühn, deceased on April 8 at the age of 94. more

In acute myeloid leukemia, immature blood cells divide uncontrollably and displace healthy blood cells in the bone marrow. Illustration: SciePro, Adobe Stock

Researchers at the MPI of Biochemistry, together with collaborating partners, have discovered the first proteomic subtype of an aggressive blood cancer known as acute myeloid leukemia by using mass spectrometry technology.

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