Computing Center

Computing Center

How does IT support research?

The Computing Center of the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry supports the scientific departments and service groups of the institute in all IT related topics. To cover different requirements, we run a large number of services and technical systems distributed across the networked locations, the MPIB in Martinsried and MPCDF in Garching.

Communication & Collaboration

We provide an email system with integrated groupware services, video conferencing and a secure file sharing system to support communication and collaboration globally and within local teams.
The Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry is part of eduroam to enable simple Internet access via WLAN at all sites of the participating eduroam organizations.

Data Storage, Compute Cluster & Virtualization

The volume of data, as well as the demands on computing power and data archives, are growing steadily. Our high-performance storage, compute clusters and scientific software offer researchers tools to store and analyze scientific data. With the use of virtualization clusters for servers and server housing, we take advantage of synergetic effects regarding space, power consumption and personnel.

High availability and network security

The local network of the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry allows high-speed data transportation and a secure connection to the Internet. It protects the internal computer systems against intruders and computer viruses and ensures high availability.

Versatile Hardware Support

By supporting a wide range of devices, we enable a high level of efficiency and comfort for our users. We also provide computer tools for administration, such as an automatic software installation system.

Helpdesk Training

Our Helpdesk supports users regarding IT questions and advises them on purchasing hard- and software. We also organize training courses on various IT topics.
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