Online Training Events in Accordance with § 28 GenTSV to Obtain Expertise for Project Leaders and Biosafety Officers (Basic Course and Refresher Course)

Online Training Events in Accordance with § 28 GenTSV to Obtain Expertise for Project Leaders and Biosafety Officers (Basic Course and Refresher Course)

In future, pursuant to the amended Genetic Engineering Safety Ordinance (GenTSV), project leaders and biosafety officers (BBS) must update their professional expertise every five years by attending a refresher course.

Since the actual practice of the implementation of this 5-year period differs in the individual federal states, we recommend that you clarify with your respective responsible state authorities when exactly you will have to attend a refresher course for the first time.

For the Max Planck Institutes on Campus Martinsried, according to the state authorities, renewed participation in an officially recognized continuing training event is required until 28 February 2026 at the latest.

Due to this amendment of the GenTSV, we are organizing 2 MPG-internal training events in accordance with § 28 GenTSV at the MPI of Biochemistry:

BASIC COURSE  pursuant to GenTSV for project leaders and biosafety officers (BBS) to obtain their expertise.

The two-day online basic course will take place on Thursday and Friday, 30 November and 01 December 2023, see program.

Registration is closed, the course is fully booked! For Max Planck employees we have a waiting list, please contact us.

The training course is recognised by the Government of Upper Bavaria under reference number 55.1GT-8790.GT_3-1-8.

We will provide simultaneous interpretation into English for non-German-speaking participants. Slides in German and English will be put on screen in parallel during the sessions. Additionally, MPIB will provide the scripts for download by the participants prior to the online event.

Important note for non-German-speaking participants: Before registering for the course, please make sure that your respective genetic engineering authorities generally accept non-German-speaking persons as project leaders or as authorized representatives in biological safety matters. This issue is handled differently in the respective federal states.

The online course will take place via the ZOOM platform in cooperation with an external company for the technical engineering. It is mandatory for participants to install the free-of-charge ZOOM app on their respective device ( to enable participation in the ZOOM meeting via the personalized access data they will receive in advance. In addition, a time slot for a technical check will be provided beforehand. All details in this regard will be forwarded by e-mail approx. 2 weeks prior to the course.

Along with the online registration, participants must upload an up-to-date portrait photo and a scan of their ID card for identity verification purposes. At the beginning of the online session, these images will be compared visually with the video streamed by the respective participants’ cameras.

Participants must have their respective videos activated permanently during the individual sessions to prove their attendance throughout the course. To verify attendance, MPIB staff members will check the participants´respective video streams during each session.

A continuous attendance check will be carried out by MPIB staff members during all lecture parts of the program by means of optical visual control via screen.

Only when participants have attended every single session of the online course, they will receive a certificate of participation by mail in due course.

PLEASE NOTICE: The number of participants is limited.

Registration is closed!

Registration deadline is 15 November 2023 (or earlier if the course is already full).

Please confirm upon registration that you agree to our Privacy Policy.

Please note that registration is binding. For telephone enquiries, please call: 089 / 8578-3789.

The course is free of charge for employees of the Max Planck Society. The course fee is € 300 for external participants. After registration, you will receive an invoice from us.


REFRESHER COURSE pursuant to GenTSV for project leaders and biosafety officers (BBS) to update their professional expertise.

The next one-day online Refresher Course with simultaneous translation into English will take place in June 2024. You will find further information here on this page from spring 2024.


Please note that the English translation of this information is provided for purposes of convenience and reference only. Only the German version of the text is legally binding.


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