Career Development

Career Development

The Career Development office offers a variety of services to support research staff, primarily PhDs and Postdocs, in all matters related to their career development at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry. We act as a close link between PhDs and Postdocs and the Institute’s management and administration, as well as other external research organizations.

Our services include:


    • Primary contact for PhDs and Postdocs
    • Promotion of PhD and Postdoc Networks
    • Information on PhD and Postdoc activities
    • Information on career development activities
    • Information on university enrollment
    • Internal and external networking
    • Conflict management

Events and workshops:

    • Planning and organization of career development activities (e.g. soft skills and method courses, career events, etc.)
    • Coordination of PhD and Postdoc activities (e.g. retreats, seminars, get togethers, etc.)
    • Coordination of internal scientific seminars (e.g. MPIB Research and Technology Seminar Series)
    • Monitoring of course and workshop participation

Project management:

    • Monitoring of Thesis Advisory Committee activities
    • Scientific management
    • Support onboarding of new PhDs and Postdocs
    • MPIB PhD and Postdoc website administration
    • MPIB Alumni Network

Join the Postdoc Appreciation Week!
We are coordinating the first Postdoc Appreciation Week in Germany which will take place on 19 - 23 September 2022.

More than 30 institutions, organisations and networks have come together to provide a variety of events (in German and in English), most of these events will be open to all postdocs and anyone interested in the topics presented.

There are about 70 virtual and in-person events related to career development, open science, mental health and wellbeing, funding opportunities, the German research system, and more

Check out our joint program here! more

Additional resources

Internal and MPG-wide Seminars and Events

  • Mental Health Collective TeaTime – at 15:00 CET; click HERE to join the session)
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