Inaam Nakchbandi

Inaam Nakchbandi

Research Group "Translational Medicine"

Fibronectin, Integrin, Bone, Disease

Please note: Prof. Nakchbandis Group is located in Heidelberg.


The connective tissue holds the cells of an organism together and gives the organs their structure. One of its components is the protein fibronectin. It serves not only as a molecular adhesive between cells, but is also of great importance for wound healing and embryonic development. Inaam Nakchbandi and her research group "Translational Medicine" are investigating the functions of fibronectin in various tissues and its importance for diseases such as cancer or liver fibrosis. The scientists were able to show that the latter increases when fibronectin is absent.  In cancer, fibronectin also plays an important role in the spread of the tumor. If it is absent, the cancer spreads more slowly because the blood vessels that supply it with nutrients grow more slowly.


Research Overview
This lab was established as a cooperation between the Max-Planck Society and the University of Heidelberg. The aim of this cooperative project is to provide a venue for the evaluation of clinically driven problems using cutting edge basic research. The group is located in Heidelberg and is formally affiliated with the Max-Planck Institute of Biochemistry. more
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