Service Facilities

Career Development
The Career Development office offers a variety of services to support research staff, primarily PhDs and Postdocs, in all matters related to their career development at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry. more
Computing Center
The Computing Center of the MPIB supports the scientific departments and service groups of the institute in all IT related topics across the networked locations, the MPIB in Martinsried and MPCDF in Garching. more
Grants-Office (EU)
The MPIB Grants-Office is active in the acquisition and management of projects funded by the European Commission. It has been established with the start of the European Research Framework Programme 6. more
Information Management
The Information Management supports staff and guests of the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry with information about research data, legal issues for digital solutions and provides analytics service for literature and patents, media and research metrics. more
International Office
The International Office (IO) provides information and extensive support for new and prospective foreign scientists coming to the Max Planck Institutes of Biochemistry (MPIB) and of Neurobiology (MPIN). more
The library of the MPIs Martinsried is a specialized reference library primarily rendering services to research staff and visiting scientists. Its collection of books and ejournals is mainly used on behalf of the Institute's research projects. more

Technical Service


Research Facilities

Animal Facility
The main task of the animal facilities is to house and breed various animal species and strains according to the needs of the scientists working at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry (MPIB). more
Bioorganic Chemistry & Biophysics Core Facility
The Biochemistry Core Facility is the institute’s central unit devoted to scientific services. From Biophysics to the Production of recombinant proteins

Bioinformatics Core Facility
The aim of the Bioinformatics Core Facility is to support Wet Lab researchers in our institute in the data analysis of their bioinformatics. Our facility works in close contact with researchers at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry and Neurobiology. more
CryoEM Facility
The Cryo-EM Facility provides microscope access, training as well as scientific and technical support for users wishing to perform cryo-EM experiments, from sample preparation to data processing. more
Crystallisation Core Facility
The MPIB crystallization facility offers a state-of-the-art structural biology infrastructure for researchers at the MPI for Biochemistry and for cooperation partners at several research institutes in the Munich area. more
Imaging Core Facility
The Imaging Facility gives researchers access to sophisticated fluorescence microscopes for the observation and analysis of live or fixed organisms and cells. more
Immunization Service
The animal facilities offer an immunization service for rabbits, goats, chicken, mice and rats, comprising all procedures on the animal (injections, blood samplings, etc.) are executed by MPIB staff. more
Mass Spectrometry Core Facility
Proteomics/Mass Spectrometry more
NGS Core Facility
Next Generation Sequencing more
Protein Production Core Facility
Recombinant Protein Production more
Transgenic Core Facility
The Transgenic Core Facility is a joint facility of the MPI for Biochemistry and the MPI for Neurobiology. The services of the laboratory are accessible to all research departments and groups of the two institutes. more
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