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Zanivan, S.; Maione, F.; Hein, M. Y.; Hernandez-Fernaud, J. R.; Ostasiewicz, P.; Giraudo, E.; Mann, M.: SILAC-Based Proteomics of Human Primary Endothelial Cell Morphogenesis Unveils Tumor Angiogenic Markers. MOLECULAR & CELLULAR PROTEOMICS 12 (12), S. 3599 - 3611 (2013)
Neuhauser, N.; Nagaraj, N.; McHardy, P.; Zanivan, S.; Scheltema, R.; Cox, J.; Mann, M.: High Performance Computational Analysis of Large-scale Proteome Data Sets to Assess Incremental Contribution to Coverage of the Human Genome. JOURNAL OF PROTEOME RESEARCH 12 (6), S. 2858 - 2868 (2013)
Schiller, H. B.; Hermann, M.-R.; Polleux, J.; Vignaud, T.; Zanivan, S.; Friedel, C. C.; Sun, Z.; Raducanu, A.; Gottschalk, K.-E.; Thery, M. et al.; Mann, M.; Fässler, R.: beta(1)- and alpha(v)-class integrins cooperate to regulate myosin II during rigidity sensing of fibronectin-based microenvironments. NATURE CELL BIOLOGY 15 (6), S. 625 - 636 (2013)
Zanivan, S.; Meves, A.; Behrendt, K.; Schoof, E. M.; Neilson, L. J.; Cox, J.; Tang, H. R.; Kalna, G.; van Ree, J. H.; van Deursen, J. M. et al.; Trempus, C. S.; Machesky, L. M.; Linding, R.; Wickstroem, S. A.; Faessler, R.; Mann, M.: In Vivo SILAC-Based Proteomics Reveals Phosphoproteome Changes during Mouse Skin Carcinogenesis. CELL REPORTS 3 (2), S. 552 - 566 (2013)
Azimifar, S. B.; Böttcher, R. T.; Zanivan, S.; Grashoff, C.; Krüger, M.; Legate, K. R.; Mann, M.; Fässler, R.: Induction of membrane circular dorsal ruffles requires co-signalling of integrin-ILK-complex and EGF receptor. Journal of Cell Science 125 (2), S. 435 - 448 (2012)
Scholten, A.; Mohammed, S.; Low, T. Y.; Zanivan, S.; van Veen, T. A. B.; Delanghe, B.; Heck, A. J. R.: In-depth Quantitative Cardiac Proteomics Combining Electron Transfer Dissociation and the Metalloendopeptidase Lys-N with the SILAC Mouse. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 10 (10), O111.008474, S. [1] - [8] (2011)
Meves, A.; Geiger, T.; Zanivan, S.; DiGiovanni, J.; Mann, M.; Fässler, R.: beta 1 integrin cytoplasmic tyrosines promote skin tumorigenesis independent of their phosphorylation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 108 (37), S. 15213 - 15218 (2011)
Geiger, T.; Wisniewski, J. R.; Cox, J.; Zanivan, S.; Kruger, M.; Ishihama, Y.; Mann, M.: Use of stable isotope labeling by amino acids in cell culture as a spike-in standard in quantitative proteomics. Nature Protocols 6 (2), S. 147 - 157 (2011)
Zanivan, S.; Gnad, F.; Wickström, S. A.; Geiger, T.; Macek, B.; Cox, J.; Fässler, R.; Mann, M.: Solid Tumor Proteome and Phosphoproteome Analysis by High Resolution Mass Spectrometry. Journal of Proteome Research 7 (12), S. 5314 - 5326 (2008)
Krüger, M.; Moser, M.; Ussar, S.; Thievessen, I.; Luber, C. A.; Forner, F.; Schmidt, S.; Zanivan, S.; Fässler, R.; Mann, M.: SILAC mouse for quantitative proteomics uncovers kindlin-3 as an essential factor for red blood cell function. Cell 134 (2), S. 353 - 364 (2008)
Zanivan, S.; Cascone, I.; Peyron, C.; Molineris, I.; Marchio, S.; Caselle, M.; Bussolino, F.: A new computational approach to analyze human protein complexes and predict novel protein interactions. Genome Biology 8 (12), R256, S. R256.1 - R256.15 (2007)

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Zanivan, S.; Krueger, M.; Mann, M.: In Vivo Quantitative Proteomics: The SILAC Mouse. In: Method in Molecular Biology; Vol. 757, Bd. 757, Chapter 25 Aufl., S. 435 - 450. HUMANA PRESS INC (2011)
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