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Samarelli, A. V.; Ziegler, T.; Meves, A.; Fässler, R.; Böttcher, R. T.: Rabgap1 promotes recycling of active beta1 integrins to support effective cell migration. Journal of Cell Science 133 (18), jcs243683 (2020)
Zanivan, S.; Meves, A.; Behrendt, K.; Schoof, E. M.; Neilson, L. J.; Cox, J.; Tang, H. R.; Kalna, G.; van Ree, J. H.; van Deursen, J. M. et al.; Trempus, C. S.; Machesky, L. M.; Linding, R.; Wickstroem, S. A.; Faessler, R.; Mann, M.: In Vivo SILAC-Based Proteomics Reveals Phosphoproteome Changes during Mouse Skin Carcinogenesis. CELL REPORTS 3 (2), S. 552 - 566 (2013)
Mathew, S.; Lu, Z. W.; Palamuttam, R. J.; Mernaugh, G.; Hadziselimovic, A.; Chen, J.; Bulus, N.; Gewin, L. S.; Voehler, M.; Meves, A. et al.; Ballestrem, C.; Fässler, R.; Pozzi, A.; Sanders, C. R.; Zent, R.: beta 1 Integrin NPXY Motifs Regulate Kidney Collecting-Duct Development and Maintenance by Induced-Fit Interactions with Cytosolic Proteins. Molecular and Cellular Biology 32 (20), S. 4080 - 4091 (2012)
Böttcher, R. T.; Stremmel, C.; Meves, A.; Meyer, H.; Widmaier, M.; Tseng, H. Y.; Fässler, R.: Sorting nexin 17 prevents lysosomal degradation of beta(1) integrins by binding to the beta(1)-integrin tail. Nature Cell Biology 14 (6), S. 584 - 592 (2012)
Meves, A.; Geiger, T.; Zanivan, S.; DiGiovanni, J.; Mann, M.; Fässler, R.: beta 1 integrin cytoplasmic tyrosines promote skin tumorigenesis independent of their phosphorylation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 108 (37), S. 15213 - 15218 (2011)
Stremmel, C.; Boettcher, R.; Meves, A.; Fässler, R.: Novel functions of kindlin2 and the beta 1 integrin threonine motif. Journal of Vascular Research 48 (Suppl. 1), S. 179 - 179 (2011)
Meves, A.; Stremmel, C.; Gottschalk, K.; Fässler, R.: The Kindlin protein family: new members to the club of focal adhesion proteins. Trends in Cell Biology 19 (10), S. 504 - 513 (2009)
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