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Allegretti, M.; Zimmerli, C. E.; Rantos, V.; Wilfling, F.; Ronchi, P.; Fung, H. K. H.; Lee, C.-W.; Hagen, W.; Turonova, B.; Karius, K. et al.; Boermel, M.; Zhang, X.; Mueller, C. W.; Schwab, Y.; Mahamid, J.; Pfander, B.; Kosinski, J.; Beck, M.: In-cell architecture of the nuclear pore and snapshots of its turnover. Nature 586, S. 796 - 800 (2020)
Bittmann, J.; Grigaitis, R.; Galanti, L.; Amarell, S.; Wilfling, F.; Matos, J.; Pfander, B.: An advanced cell cycle tag toolbox reveals principles underlying temporal control of structure-selective nucleases. ELIFE 9, e52459 (2020)
Lee, C.-W.; Wilfling, F.; Ronchi, P.; Allegretti, M.; Mosalaganti, S.; Jentsch, S.; Beck, M.; Pfander, B.: Selective autophagy degrades nuclear pore complexes. NATURE CELL BIOLOGY 22 (2), S. 159 - 166 (2020)
Wilfling, F.; Lee, C.-W.; Erdmann, P. S.; Zheng, Y.; Sherpa, D.; Jentsch, S.; Pfander, B.; Schulman, B. A.; Baumeister, W.: A Selective Autophagy Pathway for Phase-Separated Endocytic Protein Deposits. Molecular Cell 80 (5), S. 764 - 778.e7 (2020)
Frank, D. O.; Dengjel, J.; Wilfling, F.; Kozjak-Pavlovic, V.; Häcker, G.; Weber, A.: The Pro-Apoptotic BH3-Only Protein Bim Interacts with Components of the Translocase of the Outer Mitochondrial Membrane (TOM). PLOS ONE 10 (4), e0123341 (2015)
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