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Langlois, C. R.; Beier, V.; Karayel, O.; Chrustowicz, J.; Sherpa, D.; Mann, M.; Schulman, B. A.: A GID E3 ligase assembly ubiquitinates an Rsp5 E3 adaptor and regulates plasma membrane transporters. EMBO Reports 23, e53835 (2022)
Qiao, S.; Langlois, C. R.; Chrustowicz, J.; Sherpa, D.; Karayel, O.; Hansen, F. M.; Beier, V.; von Gronau, S.; Bollschweiler, D.; Schäfer, T. et al.; Alpi, A. F.; Mann, M.; Prabu, J. R.; Schulman, B.: Interconversion between Anticipatory and Active GID E3 Ubiquitin Ligase Conformations via Metabolically Driven Substrate Receptor Assembly. MOLECULAR CELL 77 (1), S. 150 - 163.e9 (2020)
Wetzel, L.; Blanchard, S.; Rama, S.; Beier, V.; Kaufmann, A.; Wollert, T.: TECPR1 promotes aggrephagy by direct recruitment of LC3C autophagosomes to lysosomes. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 11, 2993 (2020)
Matscheko, N.; Mayrhofer, P.; Rao, Y.; Beier, V.; Wollert, T.: Atg11 tethers Atg9 vesicles to initiate selective autophagy. PLoS Biology 17 (7), e3000377 (2019)
Rao, Y.; Perna, M. G.; Hofmann, B.; Beier, V.; Wollert, T.: The Atg1-kinase complex tethers Atg9-vesicles to initiate autophagy. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 7, 10338 (2016)
Kaufmann, A.; Beier, V.; Franquelim, H. G.; Wollert, T.: Molecular Mechanism of Autophagic Membrane-Scaffold Assembly and Disassembly. CELL 156 (3), S. 469 - 481 (2014)

Meeting Abstract (1)

Meeting Abstract
Langlois, C. R.; Qiao, S.; Sherpa, D.; Chrustowicz, J.; Beier, V.; Karayel, O.; Schulman, B.: The GID E3 Ubiquitin Ligase Converts Between Anticipatory and Active States Through the Incorporation of Swappable Substrate Receptors. In The FASEB Journal, 34, S. 1 - 1. Annual Meeting on Experimental Biology, San Diego, CA, 04. April 2020 - 07. April 2020. The Federation, Bethesda, Md. (2020)
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