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ERC Consolidator Grant for Ralf Jungmann

Ralf Jungmann, head of the research group "Molecular Imaging and Bionanotechnology" receives ERC Consolidator Grant more

10 years MaxLab

10 years MaxLab

December 08, 2020

With a lot of enthusiasm and a wide range of experiments, the MaxLab brings scientific research closer to the public in a practical and up-to-date way. This year, the students’ and visitors’ laboratory of the Max Planck Institutes in Martinsried looks back on a 10-year success story. more

<p>Cancer cells with mutations in the JAK2 signaling pathway survive therapies using the YBX1 protein</p>

Scientists at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry have now discovered why JAK2 mutant tumor cells can survive cancer therapy. more

Petra Schwille receives Carl Zeiss Lecture 2020

The German Society for Cell Biology (DGZ) and ZEISS honor Petra Schwille, Director at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, with the Carl Zeiss Lecture. more

ERC Synergy Grant for MPIB Director Wolfgang Baumeister

Communication processes between plant cells - Wolfgang Baumeister receives ERC Synergy Grant together with colleagues from Düsseldorf and Hohenheim more

Repairing the photosynthetic enzyme Rubisco

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry decipher the molecular mechanism of Rubisco activase in a recent study more

ASAP Grant for 3 MPIB Directors

Brenda Schulman, Ulrich Hartl and Wolfgang Baumeister receive a research grant to study Mechanisms of Parkinsons’s disease more

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