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Lemke, S. B.; Weidemann, T.; Cost, A.-L.; Grashoff, C.; Schnorrer, F.: A small proportion of Talin molecules transmit forces at developing muscle attachments in vivo. PLoS Biology 17 (3), e3000057 (2019)
Steiert, F.; Petrov, E. P.; Schultz, P.; Schwille, P.; Weidemann, T.: Photophysical Behavior of mNeonGreen, an Evolutionarily Distant Green Fluorescent Protein. Biophysical Journal 114 (10), S. 2419 - 2431 (2018)
Worch, R.; Petrášek, P.; Schwille, P.; Weidemann, T.: Diffusion of Single-Pass Transmembrane Receptors: From the Plasma Membrane into Giant Liposomes. Journal of Membrane Biology, S. 1 - 14 (2016)
Pylypenko, O.; Welz, T.; Tittel, J.; Kollmar, M.; Chardon, F.; Malherbe, G.; Weiss, S.; Michel, C. I. L.; Samol-Wolf, A.; Grasskamp, A. T. et al.; Hume, A.; Goud, B.; Baron, B.; England, P.; Titus, M. A.; Schwille, P.; Weidemann, T.; Houdusse, A.; Kerkhoff, E.: Coordinated recruitment of Spir actin nucleators and myosin V motors to Rab11 vesicle membranes. eLife 5, e17521 (2016)
Heusermann, W.; Ludin, B.; Pham, N. T.; Auer, M.; Weidemann, T.; Hintersteiner, M.: A Wide-Field Fluorescence Microscope Extension for Ultrafast Screening of One-Bead One-Compound Libraries Using a Spectral Image Subtraction Approach. ACS COMBINATORIAL SCIENCE 18 (5), S. 209 - 219 (2016)
Kurgonaite, K.; Gandhi, H.; Kurth, T.; Pautot, S.; Schwille, P.; Weidemann, T.; Bökel, C.: Essential role of endocytosis for interleukin-4-receptor-mediated JAK/STAT signalling. Journal of Cell Science 128 (20), S. 3781 - 3795 (2015)
Sanchez, M. F.; Levi, V.; Weidemann, T.; Carrer, D. C.: Agonist mobility on supported lipid bilayers affects Fas mediated death response. FEBS LETTERS 589 (23), S. 3527 - 3533 (2015)
Tittel, J.; Welz, T.; Czogalla, A.; Dietrich, S.; Samol-Wolf, A.; Schulte, M.; Schwille, P.; Weidemann, T.; Kerkhoff, E.: Membrane targeting of the spir·formin actin nucleator complex requires a sequential handshake of polar interactions. The Journal of biological chemistry 290 (10), S. 6428 - 6444 (2015)
Weidemann, T.; Mücksch, J.; Schwille, P.: Fluorescence fluctuation microscopy: a diversified arsenal of methods to investigate molecular dynamics inside cells. Current Opinion in Structural Biology 28, S. 69 - 76 (2014)
Gandhi, H.; Worch, R.; Kurgonaite, K.; Hintersteiner, M.; Schwille, P.; Bökel, C.; Weidemann, T.: Dynamics and Interaction of Interleukin-4 Receptor Subunits in Living Cells. Biophysical Journal 107 (11), S. 2515 - 2527 (2014)
Müller, P.; Schwille, P.; Weidemann, T.: PyCorrFit-generic data evaluation for fluorescence correlation spectroscopy. Bioinformatics 30 (17), S. 2532 - 2533 (2014)
Kupinski, A. P.; Raabe, I.; Michel, M.; Ail, D.; Brusch, L.; Weidemann, T.; Boekel, C.: Phosphorylation of the Smo tail is controlled by membrane localisation and is dispensable for clustering. JOURNAL OF CELL SCIENCE 126 (20), S. 4684 - 4697 (2013)
Weidemann, T.; Schwille, P.: Chapter Three - Dual-Color Fluorescence Cross-Correlation Spectroscopy with Continuous Laser Excitation in a Confocal Setup. Methods in Enzymology 518, S. 43 - 70 (2013)

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Müller, P.; Schwille, P.; Weidemann, T.: Scanning Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (SFCS) with a Scan Path Perpendicular to the Membrane Plane. In: Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Microscopy, S. 635 - 651 (Hg. Engelborghs, Y.; Visser, A.). Humana Press, Totowa (2014)

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Meeting Abstract
Steiert, F.; Petrov, E. P.; Schwille, P.; Weidemann, T.: Photophysical Behavior of mNeonGreen, an Evolutionary Distant Green Fluorescent Protein. In Biophysical Journal (Annual Meeting Abstracts), 114 (3), S. 171A - 171A. 62nd Annual Meeting of the Biophysical-Society, San Francisco, CA, 17. Februar 2018 - 21. Februar 2018. Biophysical Society, Bethesda, MD (2018)
Meeting Abstract
Steiert, F.; Huppertz, M.-C.; Lambacher, A.; Petrov, E. P.; Schwille, P.; Weidemann, T.: mNeonGreen versus GFPs: a benchmark for the detection of single molecules. In The FEBS Journal, 284, S. 208 - 208. 42nd Congress of the Federation-of-European-Biochemical-Societies (FEBS) on From Molecules to Cells and Back, Jerusalem, ISRAEL, 10. September 2017 - 14. September 2017. Wiley-Blackwell (2017)
Meeting Abstract
Kurgonaite, K.; Gandhi, H.; Worch, R.; Obermann, B.; Hintersteiner, M.; Pautot, S.; Hofmann, S. R.; Boekel, C.; Schwille, P.; Weidemann, T.: Cells must Accumulate Interleukin-4 Receptor Subunits within Cortical Signaling Endosomes to Drive Complex Formation and Signal Transduction. In Biophysical Journal (Annual Meeting Abstracts), 104 (2), S. 610A - 610A. 57th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical-Society, Philadelphia, PA, 02. Februar 2013 - 06. Februar 2013. Biophysical Society, Bethesda, MD (2013)
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