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Berghoff, B. A.; Glaeser, J.; Sharma, C. M.; Zobawa, M.; Lottspeich, F.; Vogel, J.; Klug, G.: Contribution of Hfq to photooxidative stress resistance and global regulation in Rhodobacter sphaeroides. Molecular Microbiology 80 (6), S. 1479 - 1495 (2011)
Berghoff, B. A.; Glaeser, J.; Nuss, A. M.; Zobawa, M.; Lottspeich, F.; Klug, G.: Anoxygenic photosynthesis and photooxidative stress: a particular challenge for Roseobacter. Environmental Microbiology 13 (3), S. 775 - 791 (2011)
Lichtenfels, R.; Dressler, S. P.; Zobawa, M.; Recktenwald, C. V.; Ackermann, A.; Atkins, D.; Kersten, M.; Hesse, A.; Puttkammer, M.; Lottspeich, F. et al.; Seliger, B.: Systematic Comparative Protein Expression Profiling of Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 8 (12), S. 2827 - 2842 (2009)
Glaeser, J.; Zobawa, M.; Lottspeich, F.; Klug, G.: Protein synthesis patterns reveal a complex regulatory response to singlet oxygen in Rhodobacter. Journal of Proteome Research 6 (7), S. 2460 - 2471 (2007)
Frohlich, T.; Helmstetter, D.; Zobawa, M.; Crecelius, A. C.; Arzberger, T.; Kretzschmar, H. A.; Arnold, G. J.: Analysis of the HUPO Brain Proteome reference samples using 2-d DIGE and 2-d LC-MS/MS. PROTEOMICS 6 (18), S. 4950 - 4966 (2006)
Rassmann, A.; Henke, A.; Zobawa, M.; Carlsohn, M.; Saluz, H. P.; Grabley, S.; Lottspeich, F.; Munder, T.: Proteome alterations in human host cells infected with coxsackievirus B3. Journal of General Virology 87, S. 2631 - 2638 (2006)
Machka, C.; Kersten, A.; Zobawa, M.; Harder, A.; Horsch, A.; Halder, T.; Lottspeich, F.; de Angelis, M. H.; Beckers, J.: Identification of Dll1 (Delta1) target genes during mouse embryogenesis using differential expression profiling. Gene Expression Patterns 6 (1), S. 94 - 101 (2005)
Seliger, B.; Lichtenfels, R.; Atkins, D.; Bukur, J.; Halder, T.; Kersten, M.; Harder, A.; Ackermann, A.; Malenica, B.; Brenner, W. et al.; Zobawa, M.; Lottspeich, F.: Identification of fatty acid binding proteins as markers associated with the initiation and/or progression of renal cell carcinoma. PROTEOMICS 5 (10), S. 2631 - 2640 (2005)
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