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Chu, Y.; Soberon, V.; Glockner, L.; Beyaert, R.; Massoumi, R.; van Loo, G.; Krappmann, D.; Schmidt-Supprian, M.: A20 and CYLD Do Not Share Significant Overlapping Functions during B Cell Development and Activation. JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY 189 (9), S. 4437 - 4443 (2012)
Chu, Y.; Vahl, J. C.; Kumar, D.; Heger, K.; Bertossi, A.; Wojtowicz, E.; Soberón, V.; Schenten, D.; Mack, B.; Reutelshofer, M. et al.; Beyaert, R.; Amann, K.; van Loo, G.; Schmidt-Supprian, M.: B cells lacking the tumor suppressor TNFAIP3/A20 display impaired differentiation and hyperactivation and cause inflammation and autoimmunity in aged mice. Blood 117 (7), S. 2227 - 2236 (2011)

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Meeting Abstract
Chu, Y.; Soberon, V.; Beyaert, R.; Massoumi, R.; van Loo, G.; Schmidt-Supprian, M.: The deubiquitinases A20 and CYLD do not share overlapping functions during B cell differentiation and activation. In Immunology, 137 (Suppl. 1 Sp. Iss.), S. 340 - 340. WILEY-BLACKWELL, HOBOKEN (2012)
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