Publikationen von Dharmendra Pandey

Zeitschriftenartikel (2)

Petzold, T.; Ruppert, R.; Pandey, D.; Barocke, V.; Meyer, H.; Lorenz, M.; Zhang, L.; Siess, W.; Massberg, S.; Moser, M.: beta 1 integrin-mediated signals are required for platelet granule secretion and hemostasis in mouse. BLOOD 122 (15), S. 2723 - 2731 (2013)
Dwivedi, S.; Pandey, D.; Khandoga, A. L.; Brandl, R.; Siess, W.: Rac1-mediated signaling plays a central role in secretion-dependent platelet aggregation in human blood stimulated by atherosclerotic plaque. Journal of Translational Medicine 8, 128, S. [1] - [10] (2010)
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