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Moebel, E.; Martinez-Sanchez, A.; Lamm, L.; Righetto, R. D.; Wietrzynski, W.; Albert, S.; Lariviere, D.; Fourmentin, E.; Pfeffer, S.; Ortiz, J. O. et al.; Baumeister, W.; Peng, T.; Engel, B. D.; Kervrann, C.: Deep learning improves macromolecule identification in 3D cellular cryo-electron tomograms. Nature Methods 18, S. 1386 - 1394 (2021)
Roberts, E.; Magis, A.; Ortiz, J. O.; Baumeister, W.; Luthey-Schulten, Z.: Noise Contributions in an Inducible Genetic Switch: A Whole-Cell Simulation Study. PLoS Computational Biology 7 (3), e1002010, S. [1] - [21] (2011)
Ortiz, J. O.; Brandt, F.; Matias, V. R. F.; Sennels, L.; Rappsilber, J.; Scheres, S. H. W.; Eibauer, M.; Hartl, F. U.; Baumeister, W.: Structure of hibernating ribosomes studied by cryoelectron tomography in vitro and in situ. Journal of Cell Biology 190 (4), S. 613 - 621 (2010)
Brueckner, F.; Ortiz, J.; Cramer, P.: A movie of the RNA polymerase nucleotide addition cycle. Current Opinion in Structural Biology 19 (3), S. 294 - 299 (2009)
Brandt, F.; Etchells, S. A.; Ortiz, J. O.; Elcock, A. H.; Hartl, F. U.; Baumeister, W.: The Native 3D Organization of Bacterial Polysomes. Cell 136 (2), S. 261 - 271 (2009)
Ortiz, J. O.; Etchells, S.; Leis, A.; Hartl, F. U.; Baumeister, W.: Ribosomes under stress: Structural variability of the 100S particles studied by cryoelectron tomography. Journal of Biomolecular Structure & Dynamics 24 (6), S. 633 - 633 (2007)
Ortiz, J. O.; Förster, F.; Kürner, J.; Linaroudis, A. A.; Baumeister, W.: Mapping 70S ribosomes in intact cells by cryoelectron tomography and pattern recognition. Journal of Structural Biology 156, S. 334 - 341 (2006)

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Meeting Abstract
Hoffmann, T.; Ortiz, J. O.; Hartl, F. U.; Baumeister, W.: Three-dimensional arrangements of ribosomes inside fast growing E. coli cells. In JOURNAL OF BIOMOLECULAR STRUCTURE & DYNAMICS, 33 (Suppl. 1), 70, S. 45 - 46. TAYLOR & FRANCIS INC, 530 WALNUT STREET, STE 850, PHILADELPHIA, PA 19106 USA (2015)
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