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Oppermann, F. S.; Grundner-Culemann, K.; Kumar, C.; Gruss, O. J.; Jallepalli, P. V.; Daub, H.: Combination of Chemical Genetics and Phosphoproteomics for Kinase Signaling Analysis Enables Confident Identification of Cellular Downstream Targets. Molecular and Cellular Proteomics, 11.4 (2012)
Breitkopf, S. B.; Oppermann, F. S.; Keri, G.; Grammel, M.; Daub, H.: Proteomics Analysis of Cellular Imatinib Targets and their Candidate Downstream Effectors. Journal of Proteome Research 9 (11), S. 6033 - 6043 (2010)
Sharma, K.; Kumar, C.; Keri, G.; Breitkopf, S. B.; Oppermann, F. S.; Daub, H.: Quantitative Analysis of Kinase-Proximal Signaling in Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Innate Immune Response. Journal of Proteome Research 9 (5), S. 2539 - 2549 (2010)
Oppermann, F. S.; Gnad, F.; Olsen, J. V.; Hornberger, R.; Greff, Z.; Keri, G.; Mann, M.; Daub, H.: Large-scale Proteomics Analysis of the Human Kinome. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 8 (7), S. 1751 - 1764 (2009)
Daub, H.; Olsen, J. V.; Bairlein, M.; Gnad, F.; Oppermann, F. S.; Körner, R.; Greff, Z.; Keri, G.; Stemmann, O.; Mann, M.: Kinase-selective enrichment enables quantitative phosphoproteomics of the kinome across the cell cycle. Molecular Cell 31 (3), S. 438 - 448 (2008)

Meeting Abstract (1)

Meeting Abstract
Schaab, C.; Oppermann, F.; Pfeifer, H.; Klammer, M.; Tebbe, A.; Oellerich, T.; Krauter, J.; Levis, M. J.; Perl, A. E.; Daub, H. et al.; Steffen, B.; Godl, K.; Serve, H.: Global Phosphoproteome Analysis of AML Bone Marrow Reveals Predictive Markers for the Treatment with AC220. In BLOOD, 120 (21), 786. 54th Annual Meeting and Exposition of the American-Society-of-Hematology (ASH), Atlanta, GA, 08. Dezember 2012 - 11. Dezember 2012. AMER SOC HEMATOLOGY, 2021 L ST NW, SUITE 900, WASHINGTON, DC 20036 USA (2012)

Hochschulschrift - Doktorarbeit (1)

Hochschulschrift - Doktorarbeit
Oppermann, F. S.: Development of new approaches for kinase-centric proteomics. Dissertation, Technische Universität, München (2010)
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