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Moretti, F. A.; Klapproth, S.; Ruppert, R.; Margraf, A.; Jasmin, W.; Pick, R.; Scheiermann, C.; Sperandio, M.; Fässler, R.; Moser, M.: Differential requirement of kindlin-3 for T cell progenitor homing to the non-vascularized and vascularized thymus. eLife 7, e35816 (2018)
Klapproth, S.; Moretti, F. A.; Zeiler, M.; Ruppert, R.; Breithaupt, U.; Mueller, S.; Haas, R.; Mann, M.; Sperandio, M.; Fässler, R. et al.; Moser, M.: Minimal amounts of kindlin-3 suffice for basal platelet and leukocyte functions in mice. BLOOD 126 (24), S. 2592 - 2600 (2015)
Moretti, F. A.; Moser, M.; Lyck, R.; Abadier, M.; Ruppert, R.; Engelhardt, B.; Fässler, R.: Kindlin-3 regulates integrin activation and adhesion reinforcement of effector T cells. PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 110 (42), S. 17005 - 17010 (2013)
Schmidt, S.; Moretti, F.; Ruppert, R.; Sperandio, M.; Moser, M.: How much kindlin-3 does a cell need? Journal of Vascular Research 48 (Suppl. 1), S. 309 - 309 (2011)
Moretti, F.; Schmidt, S.; Ruppert, R.; Fässler, R.; Moser, M.: A critical Kindlin-3 level is required for efficient integrin activation in hematopoietic cells. European Journal of Cell Biology 89 (Suppl. 60), S. 51 - 51 (2010)
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