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Krojer, T.; Sawa, J.; Huber, R.; Clausen, T.: HtrA proteases have a conserved activation mechanism that can be triggered by distinct molecular cues. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 17 (7), S. 844 - 852 (2010)
Meltzer, M.; Hasenbein, S.; Mamant, N.; Merdanovic, M.; Poepsel, S.; Hauske, P.; Kaiser, M.; Huber, R.; Krojer, T.; Clausen, T. et al.; Ehrmann, M.: Structure, function and regulation of the conserved serine proteases DegP and DegS of Escherichia coli. Research in Microbiology 160 (9 Sp. Iss.), S. 660 - 666 (2009)
Krojer, T.; Pangerl, K.; Kurt, J.; Sawa, J.; Stingl, C.; Mechtler, K.; Huber, R.; Ehrmann, M.; Clausen, T.: Interplay of PDZ and protease domain of DegP ensures efficient elimination of misfolded proteins. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 105 (22), S. 7702 - 7707 (2008)
Chatwell, L.; Krojer, T.; Fidler, A.; Romisch, W.; Eisenreich, W.; Bacher, A.; Huber, R.; Fischer, M.: Biosynthesis of riboflavin: Structure and properties of 2,5-diamino-6-ribosylamino-4(3H)-pyrimidinone 5 '-phosphate reductase of Methanocaldococcus jannaschii. Journal of Molecular Biology 359 (5), S. 1334 - 1351 (2006)
Ramsperger, A.; Augustin, M.; Schott, A. K.; Gerhardt, S.; Krojer, T.; Eisenreich, W.; Illarionov, B.; Cushman, M.; Bacher, A.; Huber, R. et al.; Fischer, M.: Crystal structure of an archaeal pentameric riboflavin synthase in complex with a substrate analog inhibitor - Stereochemical implications. Journal of Biological Chemistry 281 (2), S. 1224 - 1232 (2006)
Krojer, T.; Garrido-Franco, M.; Huber, R.; Ehrmann, M.; Clausen, T.: Crystal structure of DegP (HtrA) reveals a new protease- chaperone machine. Nature 416 (6879), S. 455 - 459 (2002)

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Hochschulschrift - Doktorarbeit
Krojer, T.: Crystal structure of DegP from Escherichia coli. Dissertation, Cardiff University, Cardiff (2004)
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