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Harner, M. E.; Unger, A.-K.; Geerts, W. J. C.; Mari, M.; Izawa, T.; Stenger, M.; Geimer, S.; Reggiori, F.; Westermann, B.; Neupert, W.: An evidence based hypothesis on the existence of two pathways of mitochondrial crista formation. eLife 5, e18853 (2016)
Harner, M. E.; Unger, A.-K.; Izawa, T.; Walther, D. M.; Oezbalci, C.; Geimer, S.; Reggiori, F.; Bruegger, B.; Mann, M.; Westermann, B. et al.; Neupert, W.: Aim24 and MICOS modulate respiratory function, tafazzin-related cardiolipin modification and mitochondrial architecture. ELIFE 3, e01684 (2014)
Körner, C.; Barrera, M.; Dukanovic, J.; Eydt, K.; Harner, M.; Rabl, R.; Vogel, F.; Rapaport, D.; Neupert, W.; Reichert, A. S.: The C-terminal domain of Fcj1 is required for formation of crista junctions and interacts with the TOB/SAM complex in mitochondria. Molecular Biology of the Cell 23 (11), S. 2143 - 2155 (2012)
Harner, M.; Körner, C.; Walther, D.; Mokranjac, D.; Kaesmacher, J.; Welsch, U.; Griffith, J.; Mann, M.; Reggiori, F.; Neupert, W.: The mitochondrial contact site complex, a determinant of mitochondrial architecture. EMBO Journal 30 (21), S. 4356 - 4370 (2011)
Harner, M.; Neupert, W.; Deponte, M.: Lateral release of proteins from the TOM complex into the outer membrane of mitochondria. EMBO Journal 30 (16), S. 3232 - 3241 (2011)

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Meeting Abstract
Harner, M.; Mokranjac, D.; Neupert, W.: Molecular architecture of mitochondria. In Biochimica et Biophysica Acta-Bioenergetics, 1817 (Suppl. S), S. S7 - S7. ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV, AMSTERDAM (2012)
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