Publikationen von Sutapa Chakrabarti

Zeitschriftenartikel (2)

Chakrabarti, S.; Bonneau, F.; Schüssler, S.; Eppinger, E.; Conti, E.: Phospho-dependent and phospho-independent interactions of the helicase UPF1 with the NMD factors SMG5-SMG7 and SMG6. NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 42 (14), S. 9447 - 9460 (2014)
Chakrabarti, S.; Jayachandran, U.; Bonneau, F.; Fiorini, F.; Basquin, C.; Domcke, S.; Le Hir, H.; Conti, E.: Molecular Mechanisms for the RNA-Dependent ATPase Activity of Upf1 and Its Regulation by Upf2. Molecular Cell 41 (6), S. 693 - 703 (2011)
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