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Chakraborty, S.; Jasnin, M.; Baumeister, W.: Three-dimensional organization of the cytoskeleton: A cryo-electron tomography perspective. Protein Science 29, S. 1302 - 1320 (2020)
Chakraborty, S.; Mahamid, J.; Baumeister, W.: Cryoelectron Tomography Reveals Nanoscale Organization of the Cytoskeleton and Its Relation to Microtubule Curvature Inside Cells. Structure 28 (9), S. 991 - 1003.e4 (2020)
Martinez Sanchez, A.; Kochovski, Z.; Laugks, U.; Meyer Zum Alten Borgloh, J.; Chakraborty, S.; Pfeffer, S.; Baumeister, W.; Lucic, V.: Template-free detection and classification of membrane-bound complexes in cryo-electron tomograms. NATURE METHODS 17, S. 209 - 216 (2020)

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Meeting Abstract
Mahamid, J.; Chakraborty, S.; Baumeister, W.: Modulation of Microtubule Curvature under Different Cellular Conditions Revealed by In-Cell Ceryo-Electron Tomography. In Biophysical Journal (Annual Meeting Abstracts), 116 (3, Suppl. 1), S. 257A - 257A. 63rd Annual Meeting of the Biophysical-Society, Baltimore, MD, 02. März 2019 - 06. März 2019. Biophysical Society, Bethesda, MD (2019)
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