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Reinhardt, S. C. M.; Masullo, L. A.; Baudrexel, I.; Steen, P. R.; Kowalewski, R.; Eklund, A. S.; Strauss, S.; Unterauer, E. M.; Schlichthaerle, T.; Strauss, M. T. et al.; Klein, C.; Jungmann, R.: angstrom ngstrom-resolution fluorescence microscopy. Nature 617 (7962), S. 711 - 716 (2023)
Ferapontov, A.; Omer, M.; Baudrexel, I.; Nielsen, J. S.; Dupont, D. M.; Juul-Madsen, K.; Steen, P.; Eklund, A. S.; Thiel, S.; Vorup-Jensen, T. et al.; Jungmann, R.; Kjems, J.; Degn, S. E.: Antigen footprint governs activation of the B cell receptor. Nature Communications 14 (1), 976 (2023)
Eklund, A. S.; Jungmann, R.: Optimized Coiled-Coil Interactions for Multiplexed Peptide-PAINT. Small, 2206347 (2023)
Khateb, H.; Sorensen, R. S.; Cramer, K.; Eklund, A. S.; Kjems, J.; Meyer, R. L.; Jungmann, R.; Sutherland, D. S.: The Role of Nanoscale Distribution of Fibronectin in the Adhesion of Staphylococcus aureus Studied by Protein Patterning and DNA-PAINT ARTICLE. ACS Nano 16 (7), S. 10392 - 10403 (2022)
Eklund, A. S.; Comberlato, A.; Parish, I. A.; Jungmann, R.; Bastings, M. M. C.: Quantification of Strand Accessibility in Biostable DNA Origami with Single-Staple Resolution. ACS Nano 15 (11), S. 17668 - 17677 (2021)
Ganji, M.; Schlichthaerle, T.; Eklund, A. S.; Strauss, S.; Jungmann, R.: Quantitative Assessment of Labeling Probes for Super-Resolution Microscopy Using Designer DNA Nanostructures. ChemPhysChem 22, S. 911 - 914 (2021)
Hellmeier, J.; Platzer, R.; Eklund, A. S.; Schlichthaerle, T.; Karner, A.; Motsch, V.; Schneider, M. C.; Kurz, E.; Bamieh, V.; Brameshuber, M. et al.; Preiner, J.; Jungmann, R.; Stockinger, H.; Schutz, G. J.; Huppa, J. B.; Sevcsik, E.: DNA origami demonstrate the unique stimulatory power of single pMHCs as T cell antigens. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 118 (4), e2016857118 (2021)
Eklund, A. S.; Ganji, M.; Gavins, G.; Seitz, O.; Jungmann, R.: Peptide-PAINT Super-Resolution Imaging Using Transient Coiled Coil Interactions. Nano Letters 20 (9), S. 6732 - 6737 (2020)
Fazel, M.; Wester, M. J.; Mazloom-Farsibaf, H.; Meddens, M. B. M.; Eklund, A. S.; Schlichthaerle, T.; Schueder, F.; Jungmann, R.; Lidke, K. A.: Bayesian Multiple Emitter Fitting using Reversible Jump Markov Chain Monte Carlo. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 9, 13791 (2019)
Schlichthaerle, T.; Eklund, A. S.; Schueder, F.; Strauss, M. T.; Tiede, C.; Curd, A.; Ries, J.; Peckham, M.; Tomlinson, D. C.; Jungmann, R.: Site-Specific Labeling of Affimers for DNA-PAINT Microscopy. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 57 (34), S. 11060 - 11063 (2018)

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Meeting Abstract
Hellmeier, J.; Platzer, R.; Eklund, A.; Schlichthärle, T.; Schuetz, G. J.; Jungmann, R.; Huppa, J. B.; Sevcsik, E.: DNA Origami Demonstrate the Unique Stimulatory Power of Single pMHCs as T-Cell Antigens. In Biophysical Journal, 120 (3, Suppl. 1), S. 330A - 330A. Cell Press, Cambridge, Mass. (2021)
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