Publikationen von Martin Blettinger

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Pfeiffer, F.; Zamora-Lagos, M.-A.; Blettinger, M.; Yeroslaviz, A.; Dahl, A.; Gruber, S.; Habermann, B. H.: The complete and fully assembled genome sequence of Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. pectinolytica and its comparative analysis with other Aeromonas species: investigation of the mobilome in environmental and pathogenic strains. BMC Genomics 19, 20 (2018)
Gruber, S.; Veening, J.-W.; Bach, J.; Blettinger, M.; Bramkamp, M.; Errington, J.: Interlinked Sister Chromosomes Arise in the Absence of Condensin during Fast Replication in B. subtilis. CURRENT BIOLOGY 24 (3), S. 293 - 298 (2014)
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