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Macieira, S.; Zhang, J.; Buckel, W.; Messerschmidt, A.: Crystal structure of the complex between 4-hydroxybutyrate CoA-transferase from Clostridium aminobutyricum and CoA. Archives of Microbiology 194 (3), S. 157 - 166 (2012)
Macieira, S.; Zhang, J.; Velarde, M.; Buckel, W.; Messerschmidt, A.: Crystal structure of 4-hydroxybutyrate CoA-transferase from Clostridium aminobutyricum. Biological Chemistry 390 (12), S. 1251 - 1263 (2009)
Velarde, M.; Macieira, S.; Hilberg, M.; Broker, G.; Tu, S. M.; Golding, B. T.; Pierik, A. J.; Buckel, W.; Messerschmidt, A.: Crystal Structure and Putative Mechanism of 3-Methylitaconate-Delta-isomerase from Eubacterium barkeri. Journal of Molecular Biology 391 (3), S. 609 - 620 (2009)
Mendoza-Barbera, E.; Corral-Rodriguez, M. A.; Soares-Schanoski, A.; Velarde, M.; Macieira, S.; Messerschmidt, A.; Lopez-Collazo, E.; Fuentes-Prior, P.: Contribution of globular death domains and unstructured linkers to MyD88(.)IRAK-4 heterodimer formation: An explanation for the antagonistic activity of MyD88s. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 380 (1), S. 183 - 187 (2009)
Alzari, P. M.; Berglund, H.; Berrow, N. S.; Blagova, E.; Busso, D.; Cambillau, C.; Campanacci, V.; Christodoulou, E.; Eiler, S.; Fogg, M. J. et al.; Folkers, G.; Geerlof, A.; Hart, D.; Haouz, A.; Herman, M. D.; Macieira, S.; Nordlund, P.; Perrakis, A.; Quevillon-Cheruel, S.; Tarandeau, F.; van Tilbeurgh, H.; Unger, T.; Luna-Vargas, M. P. A.; Velarde, M.; Willmanns, M.; Owens, R. J.: Implementation of semi-automated cloning and prokaryotic expression screening: the impact of SPINE. Acta Crystallographica Section D-Biological Crystallography 62, S. 1103 - 1113 (2006)
Aricescu, A. R.; Assenberg, R.; Bill, R. M.; Busso, D.; Chang, V. T.; Davis, S. J.; Dubrovsky, A.; Gustafsson, L.; Hedfalk, K.; Heinemann, U. et al.; Jones, I. M.; Ksiazek, D.; Lang, C.; Maskos, K.; Messerschmidt, A.; Macieira, S.; Peleg, Y.; Perrakis, A.; Poterszman, A.; Schneider, G.; Sixma, T. K.; Sussman, J. L.; Sutton, G.; Tarboureich, N.; Zeev-Ben-Mordehai, T.; Jones, E. Y.: Eukaryotic expression: developments for structural proteomics. Acta Crystallographica Section D-Biological Crystallography 62, S. 1114 - 1124 (2006)
Messerschmidt, A.; Macieira, S.; Velarde, M.; Badeker, M.; Benda, C.; Jestel, A.; Brandstetter, H.; Neuefeind, T.; Blaesse, M.: Crystal structure of the catalytic domain of human atypical protein kinase C-iota reveals interaction mode of phosphorylation site in turn motif. Journal of Molecular Biology 352 (4), S. 918 - 931 (2005)
Almeida, M. G.; Macieira, S.; Goncalves, L. L.; Huber, R.; Cunha, C. A.; Romao, M. J.; Costa, C.; Lampreia, J.; Moura, J. J. G.; Moura, I.: The isolation and characterization of cytochrome c nitrite reductase subunits (NrfA and NrfH) from Desulfovibrio desulfuricans ATCC 27774 - Re-evaluation of the spectroscopic data and redox properties. European Journal of Biochemistry 270 (19), S. 3904 - 3915 (2003)
Macieira, S.; Martins, B. M.; Huber, R.: Oxygen-dependent coproporphyrinogen-III oxidase from Escherichia coli: one-step purification and biochemical characterisation. FEMS Microbiology Letters 226 (1), S. 31 - 37 (2003)
Cunha, C. A.; Macieira, S.; Dias, J. M.; Almeida, G.; Goncalves, L. L.; Costa, C.; Lampreia, J.; Huber, R.; Moura, J. J. G.; Moura, I. et al.; Romao, M. J.: Cytochrome c nitrite reductase from Desulfovibrio desulfuricans ATCC 27774 - The relevance of the two calcium sites in the structure of the catalytic subunit (NrfA). Journal of Biological Chemistry 278 (19), S. 17455 - 17465 (2003)
Raaijmakers, H.; Macieira, S.; Dias, J. M.; Teixeira, S.; Bursakov, S.; Huber, R.; Moura, J. J. G.; Moura, I.; Romao, M. J.: Gene sequence and the 1.8 angstrom crystal structure of the tungsten-containing formate dehydrogenase from Desulfolvibrio gigas. Structure 10 (9), S. 1261 - 1272 (2002)

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Hochschulschrift - Doktorarbeit
Macieira, S.: Isolation der Gene der Aldehyde Oxidoreductase und Formate Dehydrogenase und biochemische Charakterisierung der Coproporphyrinogen-III Oxidase. Dissertation, Universidade Nova, Lissabon (2002)
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