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Domingues, P. H.; Nanduri, L. S. Y.; Seget, K.; Venkateswaran, S. V.; Agorku, D.; Vigano, C.; von Schubert, C.; Nigg, E. A.; Swanton, C.; Sotillo, R. et al.; Bosio, A.; Storchova, Z.; Hardt, O.: Cellular Prion Protein PrPC and Ecto-5 '-Nucleotidase Are Markers of the Cellular Stress Response to Aneuploidy. Cancer research: an official organ of the American Association for Cancer Research 77 (11), S. 2914 - 2926 (2017)
Kuznetsova, A. Y.; Seget, K.; Moeller, G. K.; de Pagter, M. S.; de Roos, J. A. D. M.; Dürrbaum, M.; Kuffer, C.; Mueller, S.; Zaman, G. J. R.; Kloosterman, W. P. et al.; Storchova, Z.: Chromosomal instability, tolerance of mitotic errors and multidrug resistance are promoted by tetraploidization in human cells. CELL CYCLE 14 (17), S. 2810 - 2820 (2015)
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