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    Journal Article
    Hartl, M.; Fuessl, M.; Boersema, P. J.; Jost, J.-O.; Kramer, K.; Bakirbas, A.; Sindlinger, J.; Ploechinger, M.; Leister, D.; Uhrig, G. et al.; Moorhead, G. B. G.; Cox, J.; Salvucci, M. E.; Schwarzer, D.; Mann, M.; Mann, M.; Finkemeier, I.: Lysine acetylome profiling uncovers novel histone deacetylase substrate proteins in Arabidopsis. Molecular Systems Biology 13 (10), 949 (2017)
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    Journal Article
    Lassowskat, I.; Hartl, M.; Hosp, F.; Boersema, P. J.; Mann, M.; Finkemeier, I.: Dimethyl-Labeling-Based Quantification of the Lysine Acetylome and Proteome of Plants. Photorespiration, pp. 65 - 81 (2017)
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