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    Journal Article
    Yang, P.; Humphrey, S. J.; Cinghu, S.; Pathania, R.; Oldfield, A. J.; Kumar, D.; Perera, D.; Yang, J. Y. H.; James, D. E.; Mann, M. et al.; Jothi, R.: Multi-omic Profiling Reveals Dynamics of the Phased Progression of Pluripotency. Cell Systems 8 (5), pp. 427 - 445.e10 (2019)
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    Journal Article
    Liu, J. J.; Sharma, K.; Zangrandi, L.; Chen, C.; Humphrey, S. J.; Chiu, Y.-T.; Spetea, M.; Liu-Chen, L.-Y.; Schwarzer, C.; Mann, M.: In vivo brain GPCR signaling elucidated by phosphoproteomics. Science 360 (6395) (2018)
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    Journal Article
    Robles, M. S.; Humphrey, S. J.; Mann, M.: Phosphorylation Is a Central Mechanism for Circadian Control of Metabolism and Physiology. Cell Metabolism 25 (1), pp. 118 - 127 (2017)
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    Journal Article
    Sacco, F.; Humphrey, S. J.; Cox, J.; Mischnik, M.; Schulte, A.; Klabunde, T.; Schaefer, M.; Mann, M.: Glucose-regulated and drug-perturbed phosphoproteome reveals molecular mechanisms controlling insulin secretion. Nature Communications 7 (2016)
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    Journal Article
    Domanova, W.; Krycer, J.; Chaudhuri, R.; Yang, P.; Vafaee, F.; Fazakerley, D.; Humphrey, S.; James, D.; Kuncic, Z.: Unraveling Kinase Activation Dynamics Using Kinase-Substrate Relationships from Temporal Large-Scale Phosphoproteomics Studies. PLoS One 11 (6) (2016)
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    Journal Article
    Yang, P.; Humphrey, S. J.; James, D. E.; Yang, Y. H.; Jothi, R.: Positive-unlabeled ensemble learning for kinase substrate prediction from dynamic phosphoproteomics data. Bioinformatics 32 (2), pp. 252 - 259 (2016)
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    Journal Article
    Yang, P.; Patrick, E.; Humphrey, S. J.; Ghazanfar, S.; James, D. E.; Jothi, R.; Yang, J. Y. H.: KinasePA: Phosphoproteomics data annotation using hypothesis driven kinase perturbation analysis. PROTEOMICS 16 (13), pp. 1868 - 1871 (2016)
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    Journal Article
    Zaman, S.; Choudhury, M.; Jiang, J. C.; Srivastava, P.; Mohanty, B. K.; Danielson, C.; Humphrey, S.; Jazwinski, S. M.; Bastia, D.: Mechanism of Regulation of Intrachromatid Recombination and Long-Range Chromosome Interactions in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Molecular and Cellular Biology (Washington, DC) 36 (10), pp. 1451 - 1463 (2016)
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    Journal Article
    Chaudhuri, R.; Sadrieh, A.; Hoffman, N. J.; Parker, B. L.; Humphrey, S. J.; Stöckli, J.; Hill, A. P.; James, D. E.; Yang, J. Y. H.: PhosphOrtholog: a web-based tool for cross-species mapping of orthologous protein post-translational modifications. BMC GENOMICS 16 (2015)
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    Journal Article
    Humphrey, S. J.; James, D. E.; Mann, M.: Protein Phosphorylation: A Major Switch Mechanism for Metabolic Regulation. TRENDS IN ENDOCRINOLOGY AND METABOLISM 26 (12; Special Issue: Systems Approach to Metabolic Disease), pp. 676 - 687 (2015)
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    Journal Article
    Humphrey, S. J.; Azimifar, S. B.; Mann, M.: High-throughput phosphoproteomics reveals in vivo insulin signaling dynamics. NATURE BIOTECHNOLOGY 33 (9), pp. 990 - 995 (2015)
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    Journal Article
    Yang, G.; Murashige, D. S.; Humphrey, S. J.; James, D. E.: A Positive Feedback Loop between Akt and mTORC2 via SIN1 Phosphorylation. CELL REPORTS 12 (6), pp. 937 - 943 (2015)

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    Meeting Abstract
    Domanova, W.; Krycer, J. R.; Chaudhuri, R.; Yang, P.; Vafaee, F.; Fazakerley, D. J.; Humphrey, S. J.; James, D. E.; Kuncic, Z.: Unravelling signal coordination from large scale phosphorylation kinetic data. In BMC BIOINFORMATICS, 17, pp. 208 - 209. 11th ISCB-Student-Council Symposium held in conjunction with the Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB) Conference / European Conference on Computational Biology (ECCB), Dublin, IRELAND, July 10, 2015. BIOMED CENTRAL LTD, 236 GRAYS INN RD, FLOOR 6, LONDON WC1X 8HL, ENGLAND (2016)
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