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Brakebusch, C.; Fillatreau, S.; Potocnik, A. J.; Bungartz, G.; Wilhelm, P.; Svensson, M.; Kearney, P.; Korner, H.; Gray, D.; Fässler, R.: beta 1 integrin is not essential for hematopoiesis but is necessary for the T cell-dependent IgM antibody response. Immunity 16 (3), S. 465 - 477 (2002)
Braun, A.; Aszodi, A.; Hellebrand, H.; Berna, A.; Fässler, R.; Brandau, O.: Genomic organization of profilin-III and evidence for a transcript expressed exclusively in testis. Gene 283 (1-2), S. 219 - 225 (2002)
Costell, M.; Carmona, R.; Gustafsson, E.; González-Iriarte, M.; Fässler, R.; Muñoz-Chápuli, R.: Abnormal migration of the neural crest and transposition of great arteries in perlecan-null mice embryos. Circulation Res., 91: 158-164. Circulation Research 91, S. 158 - 164 (2002)
Danen, E. H. J.; Sonneveld, P.; Brakebusch, C.; Fässler, R.; Sonnenberg, A.: The fibrobronectin-binding integrins alpha-5beta-1 and alpha-vbeta-3 differentially modulate RhoA-GTP loading, organization of cell matrix adhesions, and fibrobronectin fibrillogenesis. Journal of Cell Biology 159, S. 1071 - 1086 (2002)
Hoffman, L. M.; Nix, D. A.; Benson, B.; Boot-Hanford, R.; Gustafsson, E.; Jamora, C.; Menzies, A. S.; Goh, K. L.; Jensen, C. C.; Gertler, F. B. et al.; Fuchs, E.; Fässler, R.; Beckerle, M. C.: Targeted disruption of the murine zyxin gene. Molecular and Cellular Biology 23, S. 70 - 79 (2002)
Moser, M.; Bosserhoff, A.-K.; Hunziker, E. B.; Sandell, L.; Fässler, R.; Buettner, R.: Ultrastructural cartilage abnormalities in MIA/CD-RAP-deficient mice. Molecular and Cellular Biology 22, S. 1438 - 1445 (2002)
Svensson, L.; Aszodi, A.; Fässler, R.; Heinegard, D.; Hunziker, E. B.; Reinholt, F. P.; Oldberg, A.: COMP deficient mice have a normal skeletal development. Molecular and Cellular Biology 22, S. 6627 - 6635 (2002)
Svensson, L.; Aszodi, A.; Heinegard, D.; Hunziker, E. B.; Reinholt, F. P.; Fässler, R.; Oldberg, A.: Cartilage oligomeric matrix protein-deficient mice have normal skeletal development. Molecular and Cellular Biology 22, S. 4366 - 4371 (2002)
Sasaki, T.; Göhring, W.; Mann, K.; Brakebusch, C.; Yamada, Y.; Fässler, R.; Timpl, R.: Short arm region of laminin-5 gamma 2 chain: Structure, mechanism of processing and binding to heparin and proteins. Journal of Molecular Biology 314 (4), S. 751 - 763 (2001)

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Montanez, E.; Piwko-Czuchra, A.; Bauer, M.; Li, S.; Yurchenco, P.; Faessler, R.: Analysis of integrin functions in peri-implantation embryos, hematopoietic system, and skin. In: INTEGRINS, S. 239 - 289. ELSEVIER ACADEMIC PRESS INC, SAN DIEGO (2007)

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Meeting Abstract
Incaviglia, I.; Herzog, S.; Sharma, U.; Flaeschner, G.; Fässler, R.; Strohmeyer, N.; Mueller, D. J.: Using microresonators to simultaneously monitor mass and adhesion of single living cells. In Biophysical Journal, 121 (3, S1), S. 150A - 150A. 66th Annual Meeting, San Fransisco, 19. Februar 2022 - 23. Februar 2022. Cell Press, Cambridge, Mass. (2022)
Meeting Abstract
Bodescu, M.-A.; Grison, M.; Aretz, J.; Rief, M.; Fassler, R.: Single-Molecule Mechanics of the Talin-Integrin Bond. In BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL, 118 (3), S. 397A - 397A. 64th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical-Society, San Diego, CA, 15. Februar 2020 - 19. Februar 2020. CELL PRESS, 50 HAMPSHIRE ST, FLOOR 5, CAMBRIDGE, MA 02139 USA (2020)
Meeting Abstract
Bodescu, M. A.; Rief, M.; Grison, M.; Faessler, R.; Aretz, J.; Kammerer, P.; Veelders, M.: Single molecule mechanics of talin-integrin bond. In European Biophysics Journal with Biophysics Letters, 48, S. S94 - S94. Joint 12th EBSA European Biophysics Congress / 10th IUPAP International Conference on Biological Physics (ICBP), Madrid, SPAIN, 20. Juli 2019 - 24. Juli 2019. Springer, Berlin (2019)
Meeting Abstract
Deuschle, E.; Keller, B.; Siegfried, A.; Manncke, B.; Faessler, R.; Autenrieth, I. B.; Bohn, E.: Yersinia enterocolitica needs Invasin and/or YadA for infection of leukocytes in vitro and in vivo but host cell beta 1 integrins are not essential for infection. In INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MEDICAL MICROBIOLOGY, 303, S. 70 - 71. 65th Annual Meeting of the German-Society-for-Hygiene-and-Microbiology (DGHM) e V / Annual Meeting of the German-Society-for-Infectious-Diseases (DGI) e V, Rostock, GERMANY, 22. September 2013 - 25. September 2013. ELSEVIER GMBH, URBAN & FISCHER VERLAG, OFFICE JENA, P O BOX 100537, 07705 JENA, GERMANY (2013)
Meeting Abstract
Radovanac, K.; Morgner, J.; Schultz, J.; Blumbach, K.; Patterson, C.; Geiger, T.; Mann, M.; Krieg, T.; Eckes, B.; Fässler, R. et al.; Wickstroem, S. A.: Stabilization of integrin-linked kinase by the Hsp9O-CHIP axis regulates cellular force generation, migration and the fibrotic response. In JOURNAL OF INVESTIGATIVE DERMATOLOGY, 133 (Supplement 1), 906, S. S154 - S154. International Investigative Dermatology Meeting, Edinburgh, SCOTLAND, 08. Mai 2013 - 11. Mai 2013. NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP, 75 VARICK ST, 9TH FLR, NEW YORK, NY 10013-1917 USA (2013)
Meeting Abstract
Pokidysheva, E.; Boudko, S.; Vranka, J.; Keene, D.; Tufa, S.; Zentek, K.; Moser, M.; Fässler, R.; Ware, J.; Baechinger, H. P.: Prolyl 3-hydroxylation of type IV collagen is obligatory to avoid early embryoniclethality in mice. In GLYCOBIOLOGY, 22 (11), S. 1524 - 1524. Joint Meeting of the Society-for-Glycobiology and American-Society-for-Matrix-Biology, San Diego, CA, 11. November 2012 - 14. November 2012. OXFORD UNIV PRESS INC, JOURNALS DEPT, 2001 EVANS RD, CARY, NC 27513 USA (2012)
Meeting Abstract
Reiner, M.; Streil, K.; Haubner, B. J.; Bader, K.; Moik, D. V.; Faessler, R.; Pachinger, O.; Metzler, B.: Cardiac morphology and function in migfilin deficient mice due to experimental pressure overload. In European Heart Journal, 33 (Suppl. 1), S. 113 - 113. OXFORD UNIV PRESS, OXFORD (2012)
Meeting Abstract
Lefort, C.; Rossaint, J.; Moser, M.; Petrich, B. G.; Zarbock, A.; Monkley, S. J.; Critchley, D. R.; Ginsberg, M. H.; Fässler, R.; Ley, K.: Distinct roles for talin-1 and kindlin-3 in LFA-1-dependent neutrophil rolling and arrest. In FASEB JOURNAL, 26, 680.11. Experimental Biology Meeting, San Diego, CA, 21. April 2012 - 25. April 2012. FEDERATION AMER SOC EXP BIOL, 9650 ROCKVILLE PIKE, BETHESDA, MD 20814-3998 USA (2012)
Meeting Abstract
Schmidt, S.; Pinheiro, E.; Gertler, F. B.; Fässler, R.; Moser, M.; Sperandio, M.: RIAM is essential for beta 2 integrin activation and leukocyte adhesion in vivo. In European Journal of Clinical Investigation, 42 (Suppl. 1), S. 24 - 24. WILEY-BLACKWELL, MALDEN (2012)

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Strohmeyer, N.; Bharadwaj, M.; Costell, M.; Fässler, R.; Müller, D. J.: Corrigendum: Fibronectin-bound α5β1 integrins sense load and signal to reinforce adhesion in less than a second, Nature Materials 17, S. 103 (2018)
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