Cryo-EM Facility

Cryo-EM Facility

The cryo-EM Facility provides microscope access, training as well as scientific and technical support for MPIB-internal users wishing to perform cryo-EM experiments, from sample preparation to data processing.

Currently, the facility maintains the following transmission electron micoscopes:

300 kV SFEG, Falcon 3 / XF416

Titan Halo

200 kV XFEG, Falcon 3

Talos Arctica

200 kV XFEG, K2 Summit


300 kV XFEG, Gatan K3, Quantum 967 Energy Filter, Volta Phase Plate

Titan Krios G2

We also offer individual hands-on user training courses as well as tutorials and lectures on cryo-electron microscopy for our users.

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