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Bacia, K.; Futai, E.; Prinz, S.; Meister, A.; Daum, S.; Glatte, D.; Briggs, J. A. G.; Schekman, R.: Multibudded tubules formed by COPII on artificial liposomes. Scientific Reports 1, 17 (2011)
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Beck, R.; Prinz, S.; Diestelkotter-Bachert, P.; Rohling, S.; Adolf, F.; Hoehner, K.; Welsch, S.; Ronchi, P.; Brugger, B.; Briggs, J. A. G. et al.; Wieland, F.: Coatomer and dimeric ADP ribosylation factor 1 promote distinct steps in membrane scission. Journal of Cell Biology 194 (5), pp. 765 - 777 (2011)
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Bharat, T. A. M.; Riches, J. D.; Kolesnikova, L.; Welsch, S.; Krahling, V.; Davey, N.; Parsy, M. L.; Becker, S.; Briggs, J. A. G.: Cryo-Electron Tomography of Marburg Virus Particles and Their Morphogenesis within Infected Cells. Plos Biology 9 (11), e1001196 (2011)
Journal Article
Briggs, J. A. G.; Krausslich, H. G.: The Molecular Architecture of HIV. Journal of Molecular Biology 410 (4), pp. 491 - 500 (2011)
Journal Article
Kukulski, W.; Schorb, M.; Welsch, S.; Picco, A.; Kaksonen, M.; Briggs, J. A. G.: Correlated fluorescence and 3D electron microscopy with high sensitivity and spatial precision. Journal of Cell Biology 192 (1), pp. 111 - 119 (2011)
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