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Journal Article
Briggs, J. A. G.; Gruenewald, K.; Glass, B.; Foerster, F.; Kraeusslich, H. G.; Fuller, S. D.: The mechanism of HIV-1 core assembly: Insights from three-dimensional reconstructions of authentic virions. Structure 14 (1), pp. 15 - 20 (2006)
Journal Article
Briggs, J. A. G.; Johnson, M. C.; Simon, M. N.; Fuller, S. D.; Vogt, V. M.: Cryo-electron microscopy reveals conserved and divergent features of Gag packing in immature particles of rous sarcoma virus and human immunodeficiency virus. Journal of Molecular Biology 355 (1), pp. 157 - 168 (2006)
Journal Article
Zanetti, G.; Briggs, J. A. G.; Grunewald, K.; Sattentau, Q. J.; Fuller, S. D.: Cryo-electron tomographic structure of an immunodeficiency virus envelope complex in situ. Plos Pathogens 2 (8), e83 (2006)
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