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Journal Article
Lakshmipathy, S. K.; Tomic, S.; Kaiser, C. M.; Chang, H.-C.; Genevaux, P.; Georgopoulo, C.; Barral, J.M.; Johnson, A. E.; Hartl, F. U.; Etchells, S. A.: Identification of Nascent Chain Interaction Sites on Trigger Factor. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 282 (16), pp. 12186 - 12193 (2007)
Journal Article
Kvist, A. J.; Johnson, A. E.; Morgelin, M.; Gustafsson, E.; Bengtsson, E.; Lindblom, K.; Aszodi, A.; Fässler, R.; Sasaki, T.; Timpl, R. et al.; Aspberg, A.: Chondroitin sulfate perlecan enhances collagen fibril formation - Implications for perlecan chondrodysplasias. Journal of Biological Chemistry 281 (44), pp. 33127 - 33139 (2006)
Journal Article
Tomic, S.; Johnson, A. E.; Hartl, F. U.; Etchells, S. A.: Exploring the capacity of trigger factor to function as a shield for ribosome bound polypeptide chains. FEBS Letters 580 (1), pp. 72 - 76 (2006)
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