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Journal Article
Baumann, C.; Ullrich, A.; Torka, R.: GAS6 expressing and self-sustaining cancer cells in 3D spheroids activate the PDK-RSK-mTOR pathway for survival and drug resistance. Molecular oncology 11 (10), pp. 1430 - 1447 (2017)
Journal Article
Penzes, K.; Baumann, C.; Szabadkai, I.; Orfi, L.; Keri, G.; Ullrich, A.; Torka, R.: Combined inhibition of AXL, Lyn and p130Cas kinases block migration of triple negative breast cancer cells. CANCER BIOLOGY & THERAPY 15 (11), pp. 1571 - 1582 (2014)
Journal Article
Baumann, C. A.; Neubert, W. J.: Neuraminidase-deficient Sendai virus HN mutants provide protection from homologous superinfection. Archives of Virology 155 (2), pp. 217 - 227 (2010)

Meeting Abstract (1)

Meeting Abstract
Torka, R.; Penzes, K.; Baumann, C.; Gusenbauer, S.; Szabadkai, I.; Orfi, L.; Keri, G.; Ullrich, A.: Activation of HER3 interferes with antitumor effects of Axl receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors - suggestion of combination therapy. In EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CANCER, 50 (Suppl. 5), 801, pp. S193 - S194. ELSEVIER SCI LTD, THE BOULEVARD, LANGFORD LANE, KIDLINGTON, OXFORD OX5 1GB, OXON, ENGLAND (2014)
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