MS-based proteomic workflow overview



Proteins are the driving biological entities in cells. They work in concert as molecular machines to ensure that each cell performs its specific biological functions in the correct way and at the correct time. Together, the proteins in a given system are termed the proteome, while proteomics refers to its large-scale investigation using a variety of technologies. Recent advances in mass spectrometry (MS) based proteomics now enable the investigation of nearly complete proteomes and this technology has evolved into the method of choice for the identification and quantitation of proteins as well as their site-specific posttranslational modifications. The investigation of complex biological functions and clinical questions have now become a reality due to this powerful technology.

High-throughput technologies produce large amounts of data, which cannot be analyzed manually and depend on the development of computational tools for automated and accurate identification and quantification of peptides and data analysis, an area that we are also highly invested in.

Our department focuses on four main areas of research:


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