Journal Article (4)

Journal Article
Leitman, J.; Hartl, F. U.; Lederkremer, G. Z.: Soluble forms of polyQ-expanded huntingtin rather than large aggregates cause endoplasmic reticulum stress. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 4, 2753 (2013)
Journal Article
Hartl, F. U.; Hayer-Hartl, M.: THE FIRST CHAPERONIN. NATURE REVIEWS MOLECULAR CELL BIOLOGY 14 (10), pp. 611 - 611 (2013)
Journal Article
Li, Z.; Hartl, F. U.; Bracher, A.: Structure and function of Hip, an attenuator of the Hsp70 chaperone cycle. NATURE STRUCTURAL & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 20 (8), pp. 929 - 935 (2013)
Journal Article
Park, S.-H.; Kukushkin, Y.; Gupta, R.; Chen, T.; Konagai, A.; Hipp, M. S.; Hayer-Hartl, M.; Hartl, F. U.: PolyQ Proteins Interfere with Nuclear Degradation of Cytosolic Proteins by Sequestering the Sis1p Chaperone. Cell 154 (1), pp. 134 - 145 (2013)

Book Chapter (2)

Book Chapter
Bracher, A.; Hartl, F.-U.: Chaperonins. In: The Encyclopedia of Biological Chemistry, Vol. 3, 2. Aufl. Ed., pp. 456 - 460 (Eds. Lennarz, W. J.; Lane, M. D.). Academic Press, London (2013)
Book Chapter
Kim, Y. E.; Hipp, M. S.; Bracher, A.; Hayer-Hartl, M.; Hartl, F. U.: Molecular Chaperone Functions in Protein Folding and Proteostasis. In: ANNUAL REVIEW OF BIOCHEMISTRY, VOL 82, pp. 323 - 355. ANNUAL REVIEWS, 4139 EL CAMINO WAY, PO BOX 10139, PALO ALTO, CA 94303-0897 USA (2013)

Meeting Abstract (1)

Meeting Abstract
Hartl, F.-U.: Molecular Chaperones in Cellular Protein Folding: Mechanisms and Pathways. In FASEB JOURNAL, 27. Joint Annual Meeting of the ASPET/BPS at Experimental Biology (EB), Boston, MA, April 20, 2013 - April 24, 2013. FEDERATION AMER SOC EXP BIOL, 9650 ROCKVILLE PIKE, BETHESDA, MD 20814-3998 USA (2013)
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