Prof. Jürgen Cox, PhD
Prof. Jürgen Cox, PhD
Group Leader
Phone:+49 89 8578-2088

MPI of Biochemistry,
Am Klopferspitz 18, 82152 Martinsried


24-26 Jul. 2019 in Madison, WisconsinWisconsin Institutes for Discovery, 330 N. Orchard St. Madison, WI 53715.

11th MaxQuant SummerSchool

24-26 Jul. 2019 in Madison, Wisconsin

Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery, 330 N. Orchard St. Madison, WI 53715. [more]

Research Group "Computational Systems Biochemistry"

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Computational Systems Biochemistry

We develop computational methods that enable the identification and quantification of molecular components of cells, tissues and body fluids on a large scale and that help in their interpretation. Serving as inputs are large-scale datasets generated by modern omics technologies, like mass spectrometry-based proteomics or next generation sequencing. Our ambition is to elucidate the complex interactions of biomolecules and shed light on their biological functions by means of computational statistical analysis of their quantitative profiles and modeling of the underlying relationships. Our multi-disciplinary research involves several scientific disciplines including statistics, machine learning, efficient scientific programming, and network and time series analysis.

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