Mass Spectrometry-based Proteomics
We develop algorithms and tools for analyzing the vast amounts of spectral data that are produced in modern proteomics experiments. The MaxQuant software that we develop is one of the most widely used platforms in computational proteomics. Many labs world-wide benefit from its precise protein and peptide more
Statistics and Bioinformatics for high-throughput Biological Data
One of our main interests lies in the interpretation of quantitative profiles of many proteins or other biomolecules measured simultaneously. Experiments producing such datasets may have many different designs, so a rich arsenal of tools and algorithms is needed to gain more
Posttranslational Modifications
Modification of a protein with functional groups after the translation of the amino acid chain is a common mechanism of altering its behavior, for instance leading to activation or inactivation. Studying the creation and erasure of these posttranslational modifications (PTMs) in the whole more
Clinical proteomics
The analysis of proteomics data from patients requires special computational strategies. The problems that need to be addressed include questions like how to extract meaningful protein expression signatures from data with high individual variability, how to integrate the genomic more
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