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Yeast THO-Sub2 complex

Schuller SK, Schuller JM et al. eLife. 2020

pdb entries: 7aqo (dimer) 7apx (monomer)

Substrate-bound Human Smg1-Smg8-Smg9

Human CWC27-CWC22-eIF4A3 complex

Human Smg1-Smg8-Smg9 Complex

Human Mtr4 bound to NVL

Poly(A) RNP bound to yeast Pan2-Pan3

Human EXO10 fused to MPP6

Yeast Nuclear Exosome Captured on a Maturing Preribosome

Schuller JM, Falk S et al. Science. 2018
pdb entries: 6ft6 (preribosome part) 6fsz (exosome part)

Nop53-bound Yeast Mtr4

Mpp6-bound Yeast Exosome

Yeast Sen1 helicase

Smg8-Smg9 complex

Li L et al. RNA. 2017   pdb entries: 5nkk (GDP bound) 5nkm (apo)

Yeast Ski2-3-8 complex bound to 80S ribosome

RBM7-ZCCHC8 core of the NEXT complex

Falk S, Finogenova K et al. Nat Commun. 2016   pdb entries: 5lxr (with Samarium) 5lxy (apo

11-subunit Yeast Cytoplasmic RNA-Exosome including Ski7

C. elegans Gld2-Rnp8 complex

Drosophila MLE in complex with RNA in the transition state

Human DDX6 in complex with CNOT1 and 4E-T

12-subunit yeast nuclear exosome bound to single-stranded RNA substrates

12-subunit yeast nuclear exosome bound to structured RNA

yeast Rrp6 catalytic domain bound to poly(U) RNA

C. elegans Gld2-Gld3 complex

Ski7 loaded with GTP or GDP-Pi

Kowalinski E et al. Structure. 2015   pdb entries: 4zkd (GDP-Pi) 4zke (GTP)

Not4 ring domain in complex Ubc4

Not1 C-terminal domain in complex with Not4

Rrp6-Rrp47-Mtr4 interaction

Schuch B et al. EMBO J. 2014   pdb entries: 4wfd (Rrp6-Rrp47-Mtr4) 4wfc (Rrp6-Rrp47)

Pyrococcus furiosus Cmr6

Pyrococcus furiosus Cmr4

Pyrococcus furiosus Cmr2

Pyrococcus furiosus Cmr1

Benda C et al. Mol Cell. 2014   pdb entries: 4w8z (Apo) 4w8x (with GDP)

Minimal yeast TRAMP complex

Thermofilum pendens Csc2

TPR domain of Human SMG6

Yeast Pan2-Pan3 core complex

Schäfer IB et al. Nat Struct Mol Biol. 2014   pdb entries: 4q8j(Pan2-Pan3 core) 4q8g(Pan2 pseudoubiquitin-hydrolase domain) 4q8h(Pan2 pseudoubiquitin-hydrolase-RNase module)

Human CNOT1 C9BD domain in complex with CNOT9 and bound tryptophan

Mathys H, Basquin J et al. Mol Cell. 2014   pdb entries: 4ct7(with tryptophan) 4ct6(without tryptophan) 4cv5(yeast proteins

Human CNOT1 MIF4G domain in complex with DDX6

eIF4AIII-CWC22 complex

Methanopyrus kandleri Csm3

Lsm1-7-Pat1 Complex

Lsm1-7 Complex

Not module of the yeast CCR4-Not complex

Yeast SKI complex

Dhh1 in complex with Pat1 or Edc3

Sharif H et al. Nucleic Acids Res. 2013   pdb entries: 4bru (Edc3) 4brw (Pat1)

SLIP1 in complex with SLBP or Dbp5

von Moeller H et al. Nucleic Acids Res. 2013   pdb entries: 4jhj (Dbp5) 4jhk (SLBP)

11-subunit yeast exosome bound to RNA

Archaeal exosome in pre-catalytic state

Lorentzen E et al. Archaea. 2012   pdb entries: 4ba1 (with inorganic phosphate) 4ba2 (with RNA and inorganic phosphate)

Nuclease module of the yeast CCR4-Not complex

Basquin J, Roudko VV et al. Mol Cell. 2012   pdb entries: 4b89 (MIF4G domain of NotI) 4b8a (MIF4G domain of NotI with Caf1) 4b8c (Nuclease module of the CCR4-Not complex)

Not1 N-terminal domain

Ska core complex

ASAP core complex

Murachelli AG et al. Nat Struct Mol Biol. 2012   pdb entries: 4a8x (ASAP core) 4a6q (Sap18, I222 form) 4a90 (Sap18, C2 form)

Yeast Ski2 RNA helicase

Halbach F et al. RNA. 2012   pdb entries: 4a4z (full length) 4a4k (insertion domain)

Survivin bound to phosphorylated histone H3 tail or shugoshin 1 N-terminus

Jeyaprakash AA et al. Structure. 2011   pdb entries: 4a0i (with human Shugoshin 1 N-terminus) 4a0j (with phosphorylated histone H3 tail, C2 form) 4a0n (with phosphorylated histone H3 tail, I222 form)

Helicase domain of human Upf1

Helicase domain of human Upf1 with RNA in the transition state

CH and Helicase domains of yeast Upf1 with RNA in the transition state

Four KH domains of the C. elegans Bicaudal-C ortholog GLD-3

Mtr4 in complex with RNA and ADP

EJC in complex with the C-terminus of Upf3b

Importin 13 in complex with Mago-Y14

Importin 13 in complex with Ran-GTP

Yeast exosome components Rrp41 and Rrp45 in complex with the Rrp44 nuclease

tRNA export factor: nuclear state

tRNA export factor: cytosolic state

Dbp5 in complex with RNA and AMPPNP

N-terminal domain of Dbp5 in complex with Nup214

C-terminal region of Drosophila Ge-1

Active Subunit of the Yeast Exosome Core: Rrp44

Survivin-Borealin-INCENP Core Complex

9-Subunit Archaeal Exosome

Yeast Exosome Component Rrp40

Exon Junction Complex

EIF4AIII-Barentsz Complex

Catalytic Domain of Mouse Manic Fringe

PIN Domains of SMG5 and SMG6

Exportin Cse1 in its Cargo-free State

N-terminal Domain of Human SMG7

Superhelical TPR-repeat Domain of O-Linked GlcNAc Transferase

PYM bound to the Mago-Y14 Core of the Exon Junction Complex

mRNA Export Factor MEX67-MTR2 Complex

NTF2-like Domain of TAP/p15 mRNA Export Factor

Mago-Y14 Complex

RNA Binding Domain of the mRNA Export Factor TAP

Karyopherin Alpha from Saccharomyces Cerevisiae bound to NLS

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