Lab Science Cakes

November 15, 2022

Cake to celebrate our publication in Science journal.
“Zygotic genome activation by the totipotency pioneer factor Nr5a2.”
© Johanna
June 03, 2022

Cake to celebrate our publication in EMBO journal (c) Johanna: Cohesin-dependent loop extrusion organizes the zygotic genome architecture (on cake: WaplKO* phenotype of maternal and paternal pronuclei)

Chromosome spread cake to celebrate Anna's birthday (c) Johanna

Cake to celebrate our publication in Nature journal (c) Johanna: 3D genome organization of maternal and paternal zygotic nuclei differ

Genome organization in the organoid cake

Chromatin loops mediated by cohesin. Celebrating Kikuë's birthday. By Imre Gaspar.

Meiotic cohesin with post translational modifications as well as an illustration of the binary system. Cake to celebrate Anna's and Siegfried’s birthday © Christina

Metaphase II spindle with a misaligned chromosome. Cake to celebrate Christina’s birthday © Johanna
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