Here we focussed on how easy it is to work collaboratively with others. Therefore we tested the sharing possibilities of references.

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v 4.1
Team projects saved on a network can be worked on by multiple people at the same time. Also, working offline is supported- projects saved on a server can still be viewed when not connected to the network.
v X7
With the web version of EndNote Web, references (not attachments) can be shared with others. Synchronization is possible in both directions. Attachments can be sent via mail.
v 2.8
JabRef doesn´t offer a web or server functionality to share references with others. But you can export your library into an external sql database and then work collaborative over this platform.
v 1.9
With Mendeley Web you can collect, share and work on references and attached PDFs within groups. You can create your own academic profile, create a scientific network and search Mendeley's public research catalog.
v 2.6
With the web interface of "Livfe" you can collect, share and work on references within groups. "Livfe" is not available outside of Papers (not web-based). Scientific Papers can be shared via mail and Web 2.0 applications.
v 2.0
With the tool RefShare users are able to share their libraries or only some references or folders/groups with other users. It is also possible to make a reference list available for non-subscribers.
v 4.0
In the web version of Zotero you can create groups to collect, share and work on references together. References are always saved locally in Zotero and must be synchronized with the web version. You can make your entire library publicly available.
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