ReadCube Papers - Short notes


Papers is a reference management software primary for Mac OS X, but also available for Windows. It is used to manage bibliographies and references and to maintain a library of PDF documents.

There will be an upcoming product ReadCube Papers App -  a combination of the reference management systems Papers and ReadCube.



Present Version

ReadCube Papers App


  • For users of the MPI of Biochemistry please download the software from the homepage of the Computing Center
  • Commercial service with single user, multi-user or volume user licenses
  • Sytems Requirements for Papers/Mac
  • Word Processor: independent
  • Language: English
  • Usage: single user / multi user, desktop based
  • Limit: no limitations
  • Papers 3 will not be updated with new features, only for critical bugs/updates - updates will be available for the new product ReadCube Papers App.
  • Using cloud syncing the data are saved in the US with dropbox for Papers 3, with Amazon Web Services in the US for ReadCube Papers App.



Compare ReadCube Papers and Papers 3


Import Organization Sharing Output Export

Additional Information
  • Within the Papers browser you can search any website and download and read articles immediately
  • "My Research" folder collects all documents in which citations were made with Papers
  • Tool "Magic Citations", which is used for inserting citations, can be started within any program
  • Web application "Papers Online" allows to share references and to access collections and publictions from a browser, but you have to use "Dropbox"

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