Literature and Patent Databases

Please find below information about important literature databases and patent databases.

If you need information on search strategies or search capabilities, differences between the databases or any other question, please contact the .

is an extensive US-database for biomedical literature produced by the National Library of Medicine. It comprises more than 34 million citations back to 1964.
Web of Science
provides access to the „Web of Science Core Collection”, a multidisciplinary database covering over 85 million records back to 1900. The Journal Citation Reports (JCR) and the Essential Science Indicators (ESI) are also offered.
Google Scholar
is an internet search engine for scientific literature with a very large database. Compared to other databases Google Scholar offers less search capabilities. It's possible to set up a personnel profile to get the Google Scholar Citations.

is a multidisciplinary database produced by Elsevier covering a large selection of scientific, technical, medical, and social sciences journals with more than 78 million records.
provides direct access to Chemical Abstracts for searching chemical texts, structures, reactions, bio-sequences and patents.
contains 14 databases, e.g. Dissertations and Thesis Global (PDTG), also covering Science and Medical Sciences back to 1743.
is the eResource Navigator for all scientific information resources available to staff and guests of the Max Planck Society.

Patent Databases

For further (international) patent databases please use the list from the IVS-CPT.

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