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Journal Article
Motsch, N.; Alles, J.; Imig, J.; Zhu, J. Y.; Barth, S.; Reineke, T.; Tinguely, M.; Cogliatti, S.; Dueck, A.; Meister, G. et al.; Renner, C.; Grasser, F. A.: MicroRNA Profiling of Epstein-Barr Virus-Associated NK/T-Cell Lymphomas by Deep Sequencing. PLoS ONE 7 (8), e42193, pp. [1] - [13] (2012)
Journal Article
Schraivogel, D.; Weinmann, L.; Beier, D.; Tabatabai, G.; Eichner, A.; Zhu, J. Y.; Anton, M.; Sixt, M.; Weller, M.; Beier, C. P. et al.; Meister, G.: CAMTA1 is a novel tumour suppressor regulated by miR-9/9*in glioblastoma stem cells. EMBO Journal 30 (20), pp. 4309 - 4322 (2011)
Journal Article
Imig, J.; Motsch, N.; Zhu, J. Y.; Barth, S.; Okoniewski, M.; Reineke, T.; Tinguely, M.; Faggioni, A.; Trivedi, P.; Meister, G. et al.; Renner, C.; Grässer, F. A.: microRNA profiling in Epstein–Barr virus-associated B-cell lymphoma. Nucleic Acids Research 39 [2011], pp. 1880 - 1893 (2010)
Journal Article
Gutierrez Aguilar, A. L.; Piskol, R.; Beitzinger, M.; Zhu, J. Y.; Kruspe, D.; Aszodi, A.; Moser, M.; Englert, C.; Meister, G.: The small RNA expression profile of the developing murine urinary and reproductive systems. FEBS Letters 584 (21), pp. 4426 - 4434 (2010)
Journal Article
Zhu, J. Y.; Strehle, M.; Frohn, A.; Kremmer, E.; Hofig, K. P.; Meister, G.; Adler, H.: Identification and Analysis of Expression of Novel MicroRNAs of Murine Gammaherpesvirus 68. Journal of Virology 84 (19), pp. 10266 - 10275 (2010)
Journal Article
Zhu, J. Y.; Pfuhl, T.; Motsch, N.; Barth, S.; Nicholls, J.; Grasser, F.; Meister, G.: Identification of Novel Epstein-Barr Virus MicroRNA Genes from Nasopharyngeal Carcinomas. Journal of Virology 83 (7), pp. 3333 - 3341 (2009)
Journal Article
Beitzinger, M.; Peters, L.; Zhu, J. Y.; Kremmer, E.; Meister, G.: Identification of human microRNA targets from isolated argonaute protein complexes. RNA Biology 4 (2), pp. 76 - 84 (2007)
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