Publications of M. Beitzinger

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Journal Article
Gutierrez Aguilar, A. L.; Piskol, R.; Beitzinger, M.; Zhu, J. Y.; Kruspe, D.; Aszodi, A.; Moser, M.; Englert, C.; Meister, G.: The small RNA expression profile of the developing murine urinary and reproductive systems. FEBS Letters 584 (21), pp. 4426 - 4434 (2010)
Journal Article
Dölken, L.; Malterer, G.; Erhard, F.; Kothe, S.; Friedel, C. C.; Suffert, G.; Marcinowski, L.; Motsch, N.; Barth, S.; Beitzinger, M. et al.; Lieber, D.; Bailer, S. M.; Hoffmann, R.; Ruzsics, Z.; Kremmer, E.; Pfeffer, S.; Zimmer, R.; Koszinowski, U. H.; Grässer, F.; Meister, G.; Haas, J.: Systematic Analysis of Viral and Cellular MicroRNA Targets in Cells Latently Infected with Human gamma-Herpesviruses by RISC Immunoprecipitation Assay. Cell Host & Microbe 7 (4), pp. 324 - 334 (2010)
Journal Article
Beitzinger, M.; Meister, G.: MicroRNAs: From Decay to Decoy. Cell 140 (5), pp. 612 - 614 (2010)
Journal Article
Ender, C.; Krek, A.; Friedlander, M. R.; Beitzinger, M.; Weinmann, L.; Chen, W.; Pfeffer, S.; Rajewsky, N.; Meister, G.: A Human snoRNA with MicroRNA-Like Functions. Molecular Cell 32 (4), pp. 519 - 528 (2008)
Journal Article
Beitzinger, M.; Peters, L.; Zhu, J. Y.; Kremmer, E.; Meister, G.: Identification of human microRNA targets from isolated argonaute protein complexes. RNA Biology 4 (2), pp. 76 - 84 (2007)
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